Janet Jackson recently had a baby at the age of 50. And to add to the drama, she’s left the baby’s daddy. He “allowed” her to take the little one on tour, but now he wants custody. And, of course, he’s rich. How’s that going to go? Janet is a Taurus with her Mars and [...]


View post on imgur.com The girls on THE TALK were dissecting Matt Lauer’s firing today for inappropriate conduct, etc. Many said how good a friend he had been. I’ve been around these guys and let me say this is fake news. Yes, he may seem nice, but the real person isn’t nice at all. When [...]


Okay, I know, the Xtrology method didn’t work last time, but assuming the world rights itself, this is the guy that should win, Gavin Newsom. He has the rhetoric, the looks and the chart. Now, how could that go wrong? Currently Gavin Newsom is the Lieutenant Governor of California and he’s running for Governor of [...]


You’re at the height of your career and you decide to stop touring. What must be happening to make that happen? Adele is a Taurus Jupiter conjunct. So she’s luckier than most of us all the time. She’s not worried that when she returns that she’ll be forgotten. She’s confident. Her Moon is in Sagittarius [...]


Kathy Griffin, a successful comedian who likes to push the edge has fallen off a cliff this week. Her latest statement is a picture of herself holding Trump’s severed head. It is also very much the work of the artist, Tyler Shields, who is not getting his fair share of the credit. I saw it. [...]


John Ossoff, who is he? He’s running for the House of Representatives on June 20th in Georgia as a Democrat. I like him. He’s an Aquarius with Mercury in Pisces (he’ll hear you). His Moon is in Libra so he is charming enough, even while denouncing Trump, for people to listen, and his Mars is [...]


With this chart, I would be afraid to. Seriously. Wow! There are bad charts and then there are bad charts. Steve Bannon, Trump’s right hand man and Jared Kushner’s nemesis, is a Sagittarius. That’s the end of the good stuff after his Moon in Leo. His Venus/Mercury are in Scorpio and Mars is debilitated in [...]


Astrologically, of course. He’s a Capricorn Sun/Mercury/Venus. Capricorn has as difficult a temperament as any sign. They’re quirky. They are stubborn despite being a cardinal sign. Saturn is their ruler. Could it be that? Historically Saturn was referred to as the evil taskmaster. Can you enslave your life to success in a way that you [...]


Another story of a woman being abused. This time someone famous and well-known to all, Mel Brown, formerly of the Spice Girls, recently on America’s Got Talent. She’s got it all: Beauty, talent, money and a great family. But… Apparently the family part is a bit of PR, because her husband (I’m not mentioning his [...]


Apparently $13 million has been paid out to quiet women claiming sexual harassment by Bill O’Reilly. His picture and the article was front page New York Times. So that along with the Roger Ailes fiasco, and Fox has a little problem with their policy on women. Will Bill O’Reilly stay employed? O’Reilly is a Virgo [...]