Okay, I’m confused about this. What was I drinking/smoking? When I say Sun square Mars, it’s actually conjunct. And it’s Venus that conjuncts Mercury and opposes Saturn. I know. It was six years ago. I have no explanation. However the overall sentiment is the same. Bethenny Frankel is over. And really over because she doesn’t [...]


If you watched the Oscars last year, you may recall the biggest mistake in Oscar history was when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the wrong Picture of the Year saying “La La Land” instead of “Moonlighting.” My reaction? I know Warren from a long time ago, and I was holding my breath that he [...]


The big one is coming for Jen. It does make you wonder why certain people get it and others do not. It’s how your astrology chart sets up when you are born. Jennifer has, not only a Jupiter period, but a long one coming up. Her predictive Jupiter changed signs and aspected a planet in [...]


Amy Schumer got married this Tuesday, the day before Valentine’s Day. She’s only known the guy a few months. Why do people get married so quickly? Yes, you guessed it. It’s in their astrology chart. I had this happen to me with just a three month cycle, and I meant it. I would have done [...]


So we have a little cat fight between our “Sex and the City” girls, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall with Kim pretty much saying “Don’t call back — ever” and Sarah pouting like she couldn’t have done anything wrong. Sarah Jessica Parker is an Aries with Venus and Mercury there. Aries are known for [...]


Nicole Eggert was on “The View” today with a pretty compelling case against Scott Baio her co-star on “Charles in Charge.” Just by the nature of this show, he was supposed to be her babysitter so he was older than her by more than was permissible for a sexual encounter. She claims he is a [...]


This blog was first published on January 31, 2016. I was being really generous — not saying that likely Blac Chyna was using Rob because she’s trash. But truly didn’t we all wonder? Does a stripper suddenly become a soccer mom? She was just awarded $20,000 a month child support — which word on the [...]


Harvey Weinstein of the mega-powerful The Weinstein Company has been accused by several (and many more to come) women of sexual harassment. And while this behavior has been going on as long as sexual harassment itself, it’s rare for these men to get caught. But are we finally living in the time that this shit [...]


On December 21st, an important event happened for all women. Jane Fonda turned 80. Why? Because she is showing us all how to do it. I have a boyfriend who finds me intimidating at my undisclosed age. And all I can think is that he thinks I’m as together as Jane Fonda — which I [...]


It is interesting that the people Trump is picking to hang out with are generally bad chart people. Here’s another one: Mike Pence. We could get into the whole narcissism thing and surmise that he doesn’t want anyone in a better position than himself. He has a nose for losers (or just people who are [...]