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Don’t you wonder if he did it? Jussie Smollett, an actor working on Empire reported that he was a victim of a hate crime — actually a fairly elaborate hate crime. And then it was determined he orchestrated it to further his aspirations either in his salary negotiations or possibly just fame in general. Well he accomplished the later, but his reputation is damaged.

Today it was announced that all charges have been dropped. Jussie claims he is innocent despite the fact that friends of his were implicated. Rohm Emanuel, the Chicago mayor, said it was a “whitewash of justice.” Who is telling the truth?

Jussie is a Gemini with his Mercury/Moon and rising sign in Gemini. This makes both the negative qualities and positive qualities show up in a big way. Gemini? Their weakness is that they lie. Anytime this 3rd House ruler is involved, you have to take that into consideration. It’s their nature. Remember the story about the Scorpion. Well Scorpio stings and Gemini prevaricates.

Currently Jussie has predictive Venus square Mars. This is a serious aspect. I’m surprised he got off. But he didn’t really. Crime doesn’t pay. At least not when you’re in bad aspects. What will happen? It could be his career. This may be the end of it. He would have been better off if going to jail and paying his dues. Hollywood likes that. They don’t like this.

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I’m feeling a little proud, because this is one of the blogs that I felt so confident about — never knowing if the truth would come to light. And you could argue this is just Roseanne’s opinion. But still. It exactly reflects the stand I took. She told The Washington Post this week, “[Sara] destroyed the show and my life with that tweet. She will never get enough until she consumes my liver with a fine Chianti.” Sara’s tweet is, “Roseanne’s recent comments about Valerie Jarrett, and so much more, are abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show. I am disappointed in her actions to say the least.” Twenty-seven minutes later Roseanne was cancelled. Are the two related? You decide.

Excerpted from blog June 25th, 2018, “Did anyone but me notice that Darlene (Sara Gilbert) was very prominent in the last episodes? She is one of the producers of the show and apparently it was her idea to resurrect it. Too much Darlene for me. And didn’t we all think that Darlene was gay? The new Darlene came home with two children. Again, I’m thinking to keep the focus on her — and her family. But it doesn’t suit her. She’s not much of an actress, and it shows when she is actually acting. But who cares what I think? What does her astrology chart say?

Sara currently has predictive Mars sitting on her natal Sun. So she is going to cause friction in a big way. I would bet that Scorpio Roseanne and Aquarius Sara didn’t get along. Those two signs are square and annoy each other. Plus Sara has every chance of attracting violent interaction at this time. I looked at Roseanne’s chart before the show began and decided there wasn’t enough to write a blog on and not enough to destroy the show (because believe it or not, it was mentioned before the show started). It is my opinion, Sara took down Roseanne by tripping off Roseanne’s health issues. And Sara isn’t sorry. She can barely keep from smiling. Sara had to put up with a boss she clearly didn’t like all those years and she has wrestled the show away from her and pretty much destroyed her in the process. Watching this show go on without her, Roseanne will have another breakdown — most likely.

Sara is sneaky Cancer rising. This is a very difficult rising sign with so many challenges. And one of the big ones is being jealous of lives other than your own. The cold Aquarians are the ones with Venus also in Aquarius like Sara. Pluto is her focal planet i.e. revenge.

So the question is, will the new show work? There are a lot of charts (a lot of people) involved, but if Sara takes over the storylines and keeps the focus on herself (the worst thing she could do), it will fail. The definition of Mars conjunct the Sun is your ego takes a hit — a really super hit that will be difficult to recover from. If Sara is feeling like she won. That would only feed into the negativity of this aspect. It won’t let her win. If she has some humility? No, I say she doesn’t have any.”

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It was reported that Wendy Williams is living in a sober house. Please remember she denied it until yesterday. But Xtrology knew months ago. The gossip is that it is pain pills and not crack as I hinted and suspected. Here’s my post from November 29, 2018.

“No, really. I don’t make this stuff up. Wendy Williams has a Scorpio Moon. It’s trending. I can’t stop it. This is seriously one of the worst things a person can have in a chart. It’s just difficult to the max to navigate. And for Wendy, a former crack addict, it’s hell, literally.

She’s in trouble. Recently we found out that her husband who works on her show is seeing a younger woman who lives down the street. Then, which happened first? Wendy lost a ton of weight and fainted on air. So what do we think Wendy is up to?

Here’s what I know for sure. She just had predictive Mars conjunct her natal Sun. Remember that this causes you to question everything about yourself. It’s over, but predictive Mercury opposition Saturn isn’t. Wendy also has a Venus/Mars conjunction natally and both planets are focal planets — not loving yourself and being a bulldozer. And this surprises me, but Mercury, verbally abusive, is also a focal planet. She’s no picnic to be around. And right now, she’s impossible. Coming up is a positive Jupiter aspect, but she has to get there. Wendy, babe, rehab. Immediately. No time to waste.

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UPDATE: Today, April 11, 2019, Wendy filed for divorce from her husband. And she’s doing her show and is still sober. This is the best possible outcome. She is taking control of her life. Congratulations!


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I’ve said this before so, of course, I’ll say it again. You can do many things wrong. And until your chart reaches a critical point, you’re not going to get caught. It can go on for years and years and then the bell tolls. This is the case for Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin and 700 plus others who have been paying bribes to get their children in swanky colleges rather than allow their children to shine by themselves.

Felicity is a Sagittarius which we don’t see many of in Xtrology blogs. Sagittarius rules the truth and clearly that’s not what is going on here. Her predictive planets tell us why. She has predictive Sun (herself) involved in a T-square — where it is squaring Neptune (lies) and opposing Mars (evil, dark planet that turns your world around). My first thought is that she’s going to get out of this, but this is not what her astrology is showing. According to Xtrology, she’s in a lot of trouble. The Feds came to her house while she was sleeping, right? This woman is scared. I don’t have her houses. Wonder if the 9th (the law) or the 12th (jail) are involved.

Lori Laughlin is a Leo, the show biz planet. She has a similar aspects. Her predictive Venus (love) is square Neptune (lies). And her predictive Sun is square Mars. Her daughter who benefited from the payoffs is on You Tube telling the public she didn’t even want to go to college and she isn’t going to take it seriously. So in her case, this is especially egregious. The kid doesn’t even want the spot she took from another child who really did want it. Again, no time so no ability to see the houses for Lori. But this is serious. It’s part of a much bigger shake down.

Both these women have every right to be concerned. These are very negative aspects. And they were always going to be happening now. It would have been in their interest to have this information in advance (knowing this was coming, they could just not have done it. Something was going to happen, but it didn’t have to be this). That’s why you go to an astrologer. I predict their careers are tarnished, and they are outed as bad parents. (Are we going to see the public getting a grip on celebrity children?) And it is possible, they will do jail time. Definitely if the 9th and 12th are involved. It’s the law, ladies.

And think about this, William Macy, Felicity’s husband, wasn’t arrested, but Lori’s was. Could that be because his chart doesn’t allow for this at this time. Makes you want to have your chart done, doesn’t it?

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I looked at this chart thinking that this was all for publicity — there is no large fortune changing hands. For that to happen, you would almost have to have Jupiter in a really good aspect. So I pulled up the chart and guess what I saw?

Kylie Jenner is a Leo with two huge red flags. If you read Xtrology, you know my concern regarding Moon in Scorpio, one of the two worst places. Makes the native unnaturally vengeful, jealous and aggressive. And with this scary Moon also your focal planet, your insane sensitivity alone will cause you to snap. Mars in Libra makes one become Greta Getback seizing on any opportunity to wield negative influence. This is a woman fighting with her nature — these urges that are like a little devil sitting on her shoulder. I’ve only seen one way to deal with this. Throw yourself into philanthropy. Immerse yourself in the helping of others. Because if you concentrate only on the size of your lips, you are just adding to this already questionable energy. You are heading down a superficial alley that can’t save you. Look around. It’s everywhere in the Hollywood community. Not all these people that are worshipped are happy — regardless of their beauty and bank account.

However, I digress. Kylie is as happy now as she’s ever going to be. Is her incredible wealth real? It could be. She currently has predictive Venus (beauty and the products that go with it) trining natal Jupiter (the planet that fulfills your blessings) recently having trined predictive Jupiter which is retrograding. So, hey, maybe. It’s a lot of money, but if it’s going to happen, it would be now.

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Did you see the interview with Gayle King where R. Kelly went nuclear? Seriously, were we supposed to be sympathetic to that? I haven’t really followed this story, because it had a ton of potential to make me lose it. I just hoped he would get what he deserved. And it looked like from what they were saying he was a bad guy.

R. Kelly is a Capricorn with his Mercury there. His Moon is in truthful Sagittarius. Venus is cold Aquarius. It’s his Mars that is a red flag in the sign of Libra. This is the passive/aggressive Moon in its detriment. These people generally aren’t there to help anyone as the passive/aggressive nature is how do I hurt you without you realizing it? They’re often very smart and very good at it. Don’t look here for support. Neptune is his focal planet so he bends reality to his pleasing. And this Neptune squaring Venus (how you love) is definitely a concern and completely confirms his sexuality being askew.

Currently he has predictive Mars square natal Venus. So it isn’t surprising that sexual deviations can come to the surface now. You can get away with behavior for a long time before it comes out of the shadows. It’s not conclusive that he’s a pervert, but, for me, it’s enough. Accusations plus similar aspects almost always make the behavior definitive. Of course, there are always exceptions. I don’t think this is one of them.

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I wrote this blog, I’m not sure when, and forgot to publish it. But it’s relevant today since narcissist Johnny Depp, now completely established, has sued Amber Heard for $50 million. They don’t stop. This is called hoovering.

“This controversy isn’t going away — I’m talking about the one between Johnny Depp and his wife, Amber Heard. She’s accusing him of abuse. He’s accusing her of making the whole thing up. It’s getting really nasty. So who is lying?

Johnny, as I mentioned in a former post, has a Capricorn Moon. Just to clarify further. I have a client who is overweight, penniless and wheelchair bound, and she could roll into the White House and charm the socks off Obama. Capricorn has the ability to captivate. Capricorn rules the 10th House of Career. Capricorn is ambitious like no other sign. Libra is also extremely likeable, but not in the same arm-twisting you-will-believe-what-I’m saying way. And unlike Libra, who is better known for a passive/aggressive style, Capricorn Moon is downright mean at times. It is a debilitated position. It is in its detriment. To quote an ancient astrology book, “…the qualities that go to make up a social human being, happily adjusted to the life, are completely absent.” Keep in mind, one has free will. This won’t apply to everyone. It’s still a choice.

And here’s a combination I’ve noticed that holds no real compunction when it comes to destroying another person — the personal planet Mars conjunct two or more outer malefic planets. In Johnny’s case this is Pluto and Uranus. And these three planets also square his Sun in Gemini which adds to their inability to operate in a positive manner. And then there is Gemini itself as a Sun sign. Gemini is known to have the ability to lie as well as Pisces. But, again, Pisces is more of the fantasy lie — the believing their own publicity. His natal Mercury/Venus in the sign of Taurus is opposition his Neptune.

Amber has two focal planets. Her Mars (in the highly ambitious sign of Capricorn where it is also exalted) is conjunct Neptune and it does square Mercury and her Moon. Mars as a focal planet is extremely willful. So she could be lying. In fact they both could be. Neptune as a focal planet could exaggerate (being the ruling planet of Pisces) her position. Her Moon, however, is in Libra. As a rule, they will seduce you to death. Rarely do they look for a confrontation.

I’m sorry to have to say it, because I think we all love Johnny Depp, but it really looks like he has met his match. And the woman, who will in fact, take him down. It’s going to be difficult to forget these allegations. It’s always during the bad aspects that the truth comes out.

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Whoopie Goldberg one of the hosts of The View is mysteriously missing from her show for many weeks now. I’m getting suspicious. What is really going on? Is this illness more serious than is being reported?

Whoopie is a triple Scorpio with Sun/Moon/Saturn there. Having Saturn conjunct your Moon, as you may recall, is like having a Capricorn Moon. So this gives her a Moon that’s Scorpio and Capricorn — the two worst signs for the Moon to be in. And yet, I only know her to be an amazing person. No ugly Hollywood gossip about her. Also her natal Jupiter and Pluto square all these Scorpio planets. It’s a recipe for disaster and yet is it? It could be that the public just doesn’t know. But she’s been around forever and a bad rep doesn’t follow her. You do have free will. Your astrology chart only determines what you are inclined to be. And what most people will be. But it’s still always up to you.

Currently Whoopie has some pretty nasty aspects. Her predictive Mars is just leaving it’s conjunction with Saturn. The definition of this in older astrology books is ruination. And with this, she has predictive Mercury square natal Moon. She’s probably not in good shape emotionally or mentally. So shout out to her! Get well soon. The first aspect is passing — leaving you the energy to overcome the second. Trials and tribulations. We all get them. Be healthy, girlfriend.

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I didn’t specifically blog about Michael Jackson’s guilt, but I mentioned it in a blog about Steve Harvey. Read Xtrology if you want to know the truth. I blogged this on October 1, 2018:

“You think I am purposely choosing people with a Scorpio Moon. Nope. Couldn’t be more from the truth. I would rather have a variety of characters. But these dynamic, successful people often have it? Why would that be when it’s operating at its worst. I would say that it is because being rich and famous is a lot rougher than most of us think. How many of us are cut out for that cut throat world?

Steve Harvey is. The rumor currently is that his show, “The Steve Harvey Show,” has been pulled for Kelly Clarkson’s (who has a Capricorn Moon) show. Steve has the evil-leaning Scorpio Moon. He plays dirty. You could assume he allows all kinds of bullshit behind the scenes including sexual mis-behavior and drugs. And that is the reason, buh bye. His focal planets are Mars, he’s a bulldozer, Moon, super sensitive, and Neptune, shenanigans. I don’t particularly find his sexual innuendo style appealing. It grosses me out. Slobbering on people is just lost on me. And particularly during 2018. So he can just stop it. Or maybe get cancelled. Wouldn’t bother me.

Currently predictive aspects are predictive Sun square Mars — again one of the worst. It twists your ego into a pretzel. But it appears to be over. So it’s hard to say how quickly he can get back on his feet. I’m going to predict that he won’t. I think people are over him. What does he have going anyway? He isn’t that funny.

Question? Are we going to see an entirely different quality of people on television? Will we, which we have never been able to do, respect the players we are watching. Can’t even imagine. I can’t listen to Michael Jackson’s music because of his personal life. I could go on and on, because Hollywood is full of secrets. I wouldn’t know where to stop. Will we see truly talented non-demented people in our living rooms. Even more important, will we become better people because of it?

Again, don’t kid yourself, the actors on The Cosby Show knew. Apparently all Hollywood knew. My backyard, carriage house neighbor dated him so I didn’t know. But I lasted at Hugh Hefner’s just until I wasn’t participating, and I wasn’t invited back. I sort of knew. I mean I didn’t stick around for the details, but it wouldn’t have completely shocked me. What shocks me is that it’s so much more prevalent that I ever could have guessed. Sure there is always some evil floating around. But the level of evil even currently is pretty shocking. There are some websites out there if you want to look around. I am always combing the internet for blog stories, and I read them. But some days, it’s really? Really?

Here’s my long term prediction, the landscape around Hollywood is going to be changing. The people you see now won’t be the people you see in the future. No more Julie Chen’s (her chart is good now, but it won’t last forever. She thinks she dodged it. Wrong). No more Steve Harvey’s, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Bill O’Reilly — you get my drift. If you have ever wanted a career in tinseltown, get on out here. There are slots opening up. Perhaps, just perhaps, your character will count. It won’t be about who you are sleeping with –which it always has been.

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Do you like her? Alexandra Ocasio Cortez is definitely different. And that would be why? A Grand Square. Strangely these don’t happen that often in astrology charts. It’s when four (minimum) planets are at a 90 degree angle to each other — the four corners — doesn’t matter what sign or house. So for AOC, it’s Her Sun/Mercury/Mars in Libra opposition her Aries Moon and square to Uranus, Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra. That’s all the Cardinal/leadership planets. All are focal planets. This means don’t mess with her. Everyday all day, she deals with conflicting emotions. She’s rarely ever comfortable or relaxed. She’s decided to channel it into making a difference. No apologies.

As a triple Libra, you would not expect this unusual woman, so this is why the entire chart is in play. Libra makes her charming — all the better to get her message across. And just to remind you: The Sun as a focal planet — all about me, the Moon — overly sensitive feelings, Mercury — verbally abusive, Mars — a bulldozer, Jupiter — relates to people in a unique way, Uranus — up for the highly unusual, Saturn — overly ambitious, and Neptune — slightly out-of-touch with the reality of it all. She get it done. Nothing will stop her.

Her current predictions are only predictive Sun conjunct Mercury. I don’t think this chart is dynamic enough to make her president. But I am hoping she can get something done.

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