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Don’t you just wonder what this woman that’s briefing the press in The White House is really all about? Sarah Huckabee Sanders seems like such a crank. She twists the truth until it is barely recognizable. And the frown? Is she ever having a good day?

Sarah is a Leo Sun so she likes the attention however negative it is. Her Mars is in the confrontational sign of Scorpio. Moon in sharp Gemini. And Venus in loving and home oriented Cancer. It’s her Mercury, of course, communication that’s her weakness. It is in the sign of Cancer but it is also the focal planet for her Moon/Uranus opposition and as such makes her verbally abusive. She enjoys ripping people apart. I don’t think she really cares whose side she is on. It’s the joy and the fun of being destructive. The up side? Maybe she does it at work and not at home. Maybe.

The career she has had defending the almost indefensible President Trump is coming to an end. I’m having a hard time finding out the reason so let’s look at what her chart tells us. Currently she has her predictive Mercury conjunct Saturn. This is the communication planet sitting on top of the restrictive planet. She hasn’t given a briefing in 94 days. So clearly something is restricting her. She’s not feeling that need to tear down. She’s feeling torn down and not up to the task. So I would say that she is leaving because she is just not feeling the job. And to further her drama, predictive Mars is going to conjunct her Uranus. Mars, the wrecker in a bad aspect to Uranus, sudden and deadly? These are seriously negative aspects. Her world of pain is directed inward. Karma is a bitch.

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He’s in Jupiter so this is a home run for him. Did you think that? If so, we shouldn’t have. But there is a little social climbing vibe. Am I right? They’re both young and beautiful. Should be a fated match. But why isn’t there anything in her chart about marriage?

Kathleen Schwarzenegger now Pratt is a Sagittarius born when all those planets were transiting Capricorn: Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. So that’s a stellium and it’s all in her 2nd House of Money. Her Moon is in Cancer conjunct Jupiter so she has a big personality. Mars is in Scorpio conjunct Pluto. Don’t mess with her. No focal planets which almost always sets one up for squares — all of which are pointing at her Venus, love, in the untrusting sign of Aquarius. I would call her exacting. She expects a certain outcome and is not happy if she doesn’t get it. He would need to cater to her.

Chris Pratt, a certifiable movie star, is a Gemini opposite Sagittarius on the wheel. I don’t mind oppositions despite their negative connotation. However, I always find it interesting that they rarely hook up. I’m a Sadge and I’ve never dated a Gemini. Chris also has his Moon in Taurus where it is exalted and his Mars there, too. His Venus is in the also cool sign of Gemini. Mercury in Cancer. He communicates in a sensitive manner that belies his real thoughts.

This is not a bad match however convenient for the groom. I wouldn’t have predicted marriage for her, however, at this time. Again, it’s not bad. It’s just hard to see what is motivating her. Coming up, in a few years, she has predictive Mars sitting on her Sun which is one of the more difficult aspects. I wish them the very best, but I do think they rushed into this.

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Keanu Reeves is currently starring in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. He really is the nicest guy in Hollywood. My girlfriend worked for his mother so I have the inside scoop. And it is that it is all true. He isn’t alone although he just called himself a lonely guy. Nope. He pays for several women — not hookers — just women he likes. But in so many ways he is alone. And that would be why?

So it starts out interesting. Keanu is a Virgo with Virgo rising and a Virgo stellium: Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Uranus. So we would expect to find a strong down-to-earth component as Virgo is an earth sign. But critical? He is possibly so critical that he hides behind his niceness — which isn’t to say he isn’t. Could he be alone because no one really lives up to his standards? Let’s just say he is a discerning person. You have to measure up. And what I love about Virgo is the attention to detail. You don’t have to tell them twice. They are much more super smart than they are given credit for.

Then he has three more personal planets in Cancer: Venus, a good and loving placement, always sensitive; Mars where it can be a little wishy washy and his Moon where it is in its rulership but still manages to be sensitive. That’s why he’s nice, he feels it. All of it. This is a person who can be hurt and no doubt has childhood injuries.

Keanu is currently in a predictive Venus sextile natal Venus which happens at a certain age. However predictive Mars is square natal Jupiter. So not right now. But coming up? Predictive Venus will trine Jupiter! Oh, yes, that one. So, girls. He’s available. Near future. Don’t miss your chance! Be fabulous.

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This is the my blog from October 5, 2015. No one, at that point, thought Lamar Odom could live except Xtrology. He was on life support and the future looked bleak. This is another example of how only you can kill you. If you are experiencing health problems or life problems, I hope this helps.

“Yes, astrology can tell you when you’re going to die — rather it can tell you if you could. The right aspects must be there, but I have found, more importantly, you need to be ready to die. I have seen people live on horrible, destructive aspects. And I have seen people die on the most fortunate of all — the positive Jupiter aspects. Let’s look at Lamar Odom who is famous for his basketball prowess and his Kardashian marriage to Khloe. Currently, he is in the hospital in a drug-related coma.

Lamar is a Scorpio Sun with Uranus. His Moon is in cool Gemini, Venus in friendly Sagittarius and Mars in show-off Leo. His focal planets (the result of two planets opposing with a third squaring both — the focal planet) are Saturn which makes him highly ambitious (so he didn’t mind being part of the Kardashians and the TV show) and Jupiter which makes him like to be part of a group — ditto.

Currently he has predictive Neptune conjunct his predictive Sun. This is why it is important to know that Neptune is malefic. Because in a conjunction it can go either way. So this is not a good aspect and Neptune is drugs — always (Pisces, Neptune, 12th House all the same thing). However he has something unexpected. He has predictive Mars conjunct predictive Jupiter. Jupiter is the only planet that can override negative aspects. So this is the positive Jupiter aspect I was talking about.

Lamar should not die on a positive Jupiter aspect — unless and this is a big unless — he wants to. Because you will get what you want in Jupiter. I would imagine someone in his position who appears to be throwing an amazing life away over addiction is very unhappy. If ever one can fix a negative, it would be during a positive Jupiter. So that isn’t happening. He wants to die? He may be giving up. I hope not.

For a death to occur, Pluto has to be involved. Transiting Pluto is within seven degrees of a square to his his natal Pluto. That’s a little further out than one might expect. So his death, which seems inevitable at this time, may take a period of time. Or not. Astrology is not exact. Things happen within a framework. He is on the outer edges of that framework. Astrology does not demand death. That is a free will decision. Astrology does tell you when it is most likely to occur or when you are vulnerable. Nothing can kill Lamar now except Lamar. Let’s hope it’s not too late for him to change his mind — likely it is.

UPDATE: November 19, 2015 – ‘There are no promises, but if he’s willing to do the work — I know the speech therapy, or the occupational therapy, or just all the cognitive stuff. I’m sure it’s really hard for him and frustrating — but if he’s willing to do it, I don’t see why not. But it will take at least a year.’ Khloe Kardashian

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3325464/Khloe-Kardashian-reveals-told-Lamar-four-hours-live.html#ixzz3rxYSvap G Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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What is the story of the death of the Prince of the Kingdom, John F. Kennedy Jr.? Didn’t we all think that he would rule the world? Didn’t he have it all?

Now stay with me, because this is not how we, in Western Civilization, think. But everything that ever happens to you, you are steering that ship. Mind/body — a concept we love to ignore. Even an accidental death. You don’t die until you are ready to die. And, yes, people think they are ready when their thinking is just off the rails. People get discouraged and have bad thoughts. And those bad thoughts can kill you. Is that what happened to JFK, Jr.?

John Jr. was a Sagittarius Sun. His Moon was in humanitarian Aquarius. Venus in Capricorn conjuncted by Jupiter and Saturn and Mars in Cancer. His focal planets were Mercury and Neptune. Therein lies the potential for unhappiness. Mercury as a fixed focal planet creates a person who over-values his own thoughts. In the sign of Scorpio, those thoughts can be dark. The native creates an atmosphere where he is overbearing in nature which can lead to a partner rebelling. Neptune as a focal planet dredges up deep emotional yearnings that are hard to appease. Deep denial can result. There is a loneliness that no one can penetrate.

I have always wondered if JFK Jr. was gay, because there was something that he never shared with anyone — something that was too unacceptable to bubble to the surface. At the time of his death, he had a double love aspect: The predictive Venus was sitting on his natal Moon and the predictive Sun was sitting on his natal Venus. He was in love or wanted to be. But was he in love with Carolyn Bessette? Because when you are in love, you will put up with anything. I know and you know because we’ve done it. Did he seem like a man obsessed? Or did he seem like a man in an uncomfortable relationship? Unfortunately the transiting Pluto was sitting on his Sun — always necessary for a death to occur. Coming up was predictive Sun conjuncting predictive Jupiter — the best aspect the Universe has to offer, but before that his predictive Moon was on Mars — the violence planet. Even to imagine that he was killed, he would have had to have negative aspects. The Moon is your emotions. You are the violent one. These are the aspects of someone in impossible grief over love. He was disappointed, discouraged and in despair. Not unhappy. Broken.

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I’m not yet prepared to do 23 charts to see who is going to be the Democratic candidate. I thought I would wait. But I’m always tempted so I ran Kamala Harris. Well…

Kamala is a Libra Sun. So we know she has a lethal amount of charm when needed. Her Mercury is in Scorpio which just might work for this potentially nasty presidential race. Her Moon is in Aries, a perfectly acceptable spot. They like to fight much like Scorpio as Aries is ruled by Mars. Her Venus is in Virgo. Mars in Leo — the showbiz sign. That’s a good placement to go up against Trump. Her focal planet is Jupiter which inclines towards cults or cult-like behavior. So yes, this would work.

Kamala is in the positive Jupiter aspect that I’m always talking about — predictive Mars trine predictive Jupiter. Hallelujah! This would make me believe she will get the nomination (without doing the other 22 charts). That and Rachael Maddow/MSNBC is strongly pushing her. But the nomination is not the election. By the election, her aspect is over. However it is not replaced with a negative aspect. Actually that’s exactly the same position Trump finds himself — which would create, astrologically, an even race. So now we look at the fact she is a woman. I am also one so there’s nothing I would like more than a woman president. The question is can she win against Trump. I say no. The Democrats need to run a young, white, hetrosexual man this time so men will vote for him. Sorry, I just don’t believe men are ready for a woman president. Hey, we knew it would be a black man waaaaay before a woman — especially a woman of Indian and Jamaican heritage. Hilary couldn’t beat him. So why would we think this woman can? (Gavin Newsom, Gavin Newsom, Gavin Newsom.)

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I don’t mind a little fake. But fakey fakey and you lose me. Marie Osmond is the new host of THE TALK. I like her. How could you not? But do I want her giving me advice?

Marie is a Libra with her Mars in Libra! Oh no. We know that this is a red flag. Mars does not like being in this sign, and it causes a passive/aggressive nature which translates to hidden anger — serious anger, but in the guise of something else entirely. Her Moon is in the very compassionate sign of Pisces. And her Venus is in Virgo. Nothing wrong with that. With a focal planet of Jupiter, cult-like behavior suits her.

Currently Marie has predictive Mars squaring natal Pluto that is ending. That is a seriously negative aspect. Often a person in your life dies or at the very least a way of life does. I believe Donnie and Marie are ending their residency in Las Vegas, but this aspect would cause that to be more negative than is being reported. Then this same Mars squares her natal Venus. It’s a troubled period of time for her where her husband or her family is at odds. Are she and her brother squabbling? We can watch. Will she be honest as a commentator and host? Doubtful.

To me she’s no Julie Chen who I still miss and am still incredibly disappointed in. Do you want advice from Marie Osmond who has lived in a bubble most of her life (not that Xtrology is against bubbles if you know what I mean)? And should you take advice from a Mars in Libra or the 7th House person? Just no. It is not their natural inclination to help you or to be forthright about their own life situation. Add to that a ton of make-up, plastic surgery and hair extensions and very negative astrological aspects. Wrong person for the job.

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I like the new talk show Busy Tonight. Busy Philipps is a quirky, interesting anything-but-vanilla lady. It’s like I don’t like her clothes, but I can’t wait to see what she is wearing. She’s unusual but a genuine jewel. And she’s very outspoken and pro-women — and the only woman on late night TV. So why did she get cancelled? Is it a conspiracy?

Busy is a Cancer Sun/Mercury/Moon — a lot of this highly sensitive and caring sign. She ends her show every night with, “I love you.” That’s Cancer at its best. Her Venus is in Gemini, but with so many natal negative signs, instead of being cold, I think she intellectualizes her love. She would want a smart partner. The things that turn her on have to do with being brainy. Her Mars is in Taurus. Money oriented. Down to earth. With Saturn as a focal planet, she’s ambitious.

So what happened? Do you remember Sharon Osbourne? How much everyone was crazy about her? But then she got a talk show and failed miserably. Too much Sharon and her quirkiness. Busy too has that. I just think the public can only take so much of your cuteness — the very things your family and friends love about you. Busy started her show in positive Jupiter, the best aspects possible. It’s over now, but that didn’t cause her show to get cancelled. The truth. Busy just failed to capture the interest of her audience. Too busy, my mother would say.

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The birth of the first child of the of Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, and Prince Harry was today! This is the first interracial baby for many a year. History being written. No name has been selected. But we have the date and time so we have the astrology chart.

Baby Sussex is a Taurus with Uranus conjunct. Taurus is, perhaps, the most stubborn of the signs — grounded and stoical. That little splash of Uranus will give him all the qualities associated with Aquarius including a heavy dose of humanitarianism. Mercury/Venus are conjunct with these planets squared by heavyweights Pluto and Saturn. Could this mean this child, much in the fashion of his parents, will rail against his royal heritage? We may have a bit of a rebel here. With Moon in Gemini conjunct, intelligence will be a given along with analytical thinking and strong forceful opinions. He will not adhere to tradition instead opting for a life he considers more meaningful. The most significant, perhaps of all the aspects is his focal planet Neptune. A little hypersensitivity for our Taurus? Yes, it comes in waves. Most of the time – super together, and then out of the blue, an emotional state that is hard for the native to define — a black cloud that threatens his inner normally calm nature. Momentarily, he will filter his perceptions. Momentarily he loses his royal bearing. And with all the planets grouped up together. He will be what he is with a mission to, could we only hope, save the world!

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UPDATE: The baby’s name is Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.


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My choice for the Democratic candidate is Gavin Newsom. Gavin Newsom. Did I say Gavin Newsom? The question for today is — if it is Joe Biden, can he beat President Trump in the 2020 election?

Joe has a Scorpio stellium — Venus/Mars/Mercury/Sun. Very Scorpio. With a rising sign of Sagittarius, he will appear to be truthful. Since Scorpio likes hiding, you don’t see his real self most of the time. His Moon is in exalted Taurus. Again, good. He remains calm in most situations and can return to normal very fast when threatened. Natal Jupiter trines all his Scorpio planets. He can relate. Very much so and probably his best quality. However natal Pluto squares all his Scorpio planets. Joe has an underside. He can play dirty. He can get mean. Still. What’s wrong with that when we’re talking leader of the free world? Joe is capable of doing the job and handling the diplomatic aspects with ease and slamming the people who need to be slammed.

Donald Trump is a Gemini. He’s smart. Don’t underestimate him. We’ve already done that. Venus/Mercury are in Cancer. Good for Venus. Okay for Mercury. Can be a little sensitive. Moon in Sagittarius. This is a contradiction to his proclivity for lying as a Gemini with Neptune squaring Venus/Saturn/Mercury. Sadge tells the truth. So you will see him do both. One can follow the other as it often does. With Leo rising and Mars in Leo, it’s often all about putting on a show. Very little thought about substance. He’s perfect for the entertainment industry, but these are not leadership qualities.

Trump is just leaving a positive and blessed Jupiter period — the reason no doubt he’s eluding the law. And with no negative aspects to change the energy, he’s essentially still going strong. Joe doesn’t have a bad chart. He has a yod (two inconjuncts at a 150 angle to another planet). I personally think he has to overcome his age, his handsiness and Anita Hill. He’s underwhelming. I would not pick him.

Did I say Gavin Newsom?

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