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I don’t mind a little fake. But fakey fakey and you lose me. Marie Osmond is the new host of THE TALK. I like her. How could you not? But do I want her giving me advice?

Marie is a Libra with her Mars in Libra! Oh no. We know that this is a red flag. Mars does not like being in this sign, and it causes a passive/aggressive nature which translates to hidden anger — serious anger, but in the guise of something else entirely. Her Moon is in the very compassionate sign of Pisces. And her Venus is in Virgo. Nothing wrong with that. With a focal planet of Jupiter, cult-like behavior suits her.

Currently Marie has predictive Mars squaring natal Pluto that is ending. That is a seriously negative aspect. Often a person in your life dies or at the very least a way of life does. I believe Donnie and Marie are ending their residency in Las Vegas, but this aspect would cause that to be more negative than is being reported. Then this same Mars squares her natal Venus. It’s a troubled period of time for her where her husband or her family is at odds. Are she and her brother squabbling? We can watch. Will she be honest as a commentator and host? Doubtful.

To me she’s no Julie Chen who I still miss and am still incredibly disappointed in. Do you want advice from Marie Osmond who has lived in a bubble most of her life (not that Xtrology is against bubbles if you know what I mean)? And should you take advice from a Mars in Libra or the 7th House person? Just no. It is not their natural inclination to help you or to be forthright about their own life situation. Add to that a ton of make-up, plastic surgery and hair extensions and very negative astrological aspects. Wrong person for the job.

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I like the new talk show Busy Tonight. Busy Philipps is a quirky, interesting anything-but-vanilla lady. It’s like I don’t like her clothes, but I can’t wait to see what she is wearing. She’s unusual but a genuine jewel. And she’s very outspoken and pro-women — and the only woman on late night TV. So why did she get cancelled? Is it a conspiracy?

Busy is a Cancer Sun/Mercury/Moon — a lot of this highly sensitive and caring sign. She ends her show every night with, “I love you.” That’s Cancer at its best. Her Venus is in Gemini, but with so many natal negative signs, instead of being cold, I think she intellectualizes her love. She would want a smart partner. The things that turn her on have to do with being brainy. Her Mars is in Taurus. Money oriented. Down to earth. With Saturn as a focal planet, she’s ambitious.

So what happened? Do you remember Sharon Osbourne? How much everyone was crazy about her? But then she got a talk show and failed miserably. Too much Sharon and her quirkiness. Busy too has that. I just think the public can only take so much of your cuteness — the very things your family and friends love about you. Busy started her show in positive Jupiter, the best aspects possible. It’s over now, but that didn’t cause her show to get cancelled. The truth. Busy just failed to capture the interest of her audience. Too busy, my mother would say.

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The birth of the first child of the of Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, and Prince Harry was today! This is the first interracial baby for many a year. History being written. No name has been selected. But we have the date and time so we have the astrology chart.

Baby Sussex is a Taurus with Uranus conjunct. Taurus is, perhaps, the most stubborn of the signs — grounded and stoical. That little splash of Uranus will give him all the qualities associated with Aquarius including a heavy dose of humanitarianism. Mercury/Venus are conjunct with these planets squared by heavyweights Pluto and Saturn. Could this mean this child, much in the fashion of his parents, will rail against his royal heritage? We may have a bit of a rebel here. With Moon in Gemini conjunct, intelligence will be a given along with analytical thinking and strong forceful opinions. He will not adhere to tradition instead opting for a life he considers more meaningful. The most significant, perhaps of all the aspects is his focal planet Neptune. A little hypersensitivity for our Taurus? Yes, it comes in waves. Most of the time – super together, and then out of the blue, an emotional state that is hard for the native to define — a black cloud that threatens his inner normally calm nature. Momentarily, he will filter his perceptions. Momentarily he loses his royal bearing. And with all the planets grouped up together. He will be what he is with a mission to, could we only hope, save the world!

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UPDATE: The baby’s name is Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.


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My choice for the Democratic candidate is Gavin Newsom. Gavin Newsom. Did I say Gavin Newsom? The question for today is — if it is Joe Biden, can he beat President Trump in the 2020 election?

Joe has a Scorpio stellium — Venus/Mars/Mercury/Sun. Very Scorpio. With a rising sign of Sagittarius, he will appear to be truthful. Since Scorpio likes hiding, you don’t see his real self most of the time. His Moon is in exalted Taurus. Again, good. He remains calm in most situations and can return to normal very fast when threatened. Natal Jupiter trines all his Scorpio planets. He can relate. Very much so and probably his best quality. However natal Pluto squares all his Scorpio planets. Joe has an underside. He can play dirty. He can get mean. Still. What’s wrong with that when we’re talking leader of the free world? Joe is capable of doing the job and handling the diplomatic aspects with ease and slamming the people who need to be slammed.

Donald Trump is a Gemini. He’s smart. Don’t underestimate him. We’ve already done that. Venus/Mercury are in Cancer. Good for Venus. Okay for Mercury. Can be a little sensitive. Moon in Sagittarius. This is a contradiction to his proclivity for lying as a Gemini with Neptune squaring Venus/Saturn/Mercury. Sadge tells the truth. So you will see him do both. One can follow the other as it often does. With Leo rising and Mars in Leo, it’s often all about putting on a show. Very little thought about substance. He’s perfect for the entertainment industry, but these are not leadership qualities.

Trump is just leaving a positive and blessed Jupiter period — the reason no doubt he’s eluding the law. And with no negative aspects to change the energy, he’s essentially still going strong. Joe doesn’t have a bad chart. He has a yod (two inconjuncts at a 150 angle to another planet). I personally think he has to overcome his age, his handsiness and Anita Hill. He’s underwhelming. I would not pick him.

Did I say Gavin Newsom?

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I watched 20/20 Friday night about the first man ever to have a hand transplant. His name is Jonathan Koch. And I thought I never get to look at these charts because I can’t find the birthday. But I did. I found his birthday and the date of his harrowing story.

This is a man who was the head of Asylum Entertainment. He had just sold his partnership for $100 million. He doesn’t drink or smoke or do drugs. His favorite movie is Rocky. On the way to an industry convention, he suddenly feels ill. Very ill. Hours later, he is lying in a coma. The doctors don’t have a clue. Then they determine he has a immune system malady and completely change his treatment. However, his limbs have turned black from lack of circulation. He lives, but only to find one leg amputated, one hand and the fingers on the other hand. That leads him to be the first hand transplant recipient. Can you imagine?

If astrology works, it tells the story. And It does. His predictive Sun squared (bad) his natal Uranus/Pluto conjunction. Mon dieu! Sacrebleu! (Everything is French now in honor of Notre Dame.) Uranus is sudden and out of nowhere. Pluto is death. Something would suddenly die. But transiting Pluto is trine (good) the same natal planets. He becomes a medical miracle — the first hand transplant recipient. Are you impressed? Now do you believe?

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Celebrity gossip, of course Xtrology is not that, is saying that Britney Spears stopped taking her bi-polar medication. She’s flipping out. I wanted to see if that is supported by her astrology chart. And I am a little surprised by what I see.

Britney is a Sagittarius Sun/Mercury/Uranus/Neptune so that is a stellium. Important because it reinforces how Sadge she is. She does not have focal planets so she has squares. Mars in Virgo squares all her Sagittarius planets. So one would think Britney has a lot of anger issues. But I don’t see too much of that. Is she hiding it from us? Can she be a pill in private? She does have one debilitated personal planet, Mercury in Sagittarius, in its detriment. Again, I don’t see this in her public persona. We all love Britney, right? She seems like a really nice girl. But is she emotionally challenged? Is there a side we don’t see?

I’m inclined to believe she does take medication and needs it. And she’s been doing quite well for a long time now. But her astrology chart has predictive Sun square Saturn just starting. And if she’s like me, I never miss the joy of a negative aspect! Ha! So does this tell me Britney is crazy? It doesn’t. But a square is the worst angle and Saturn is your health. This could be the way this is playing itself out. It could absolutely. You must give astrology a wide birth. It is just pointing to the type of energy surrounding you. So I am worried about her. Serious stuff. And it is in play for two long years.

Britney’s in a bit of trouble here. She needs support. I hope she’s getting it from her friends and family. Her mother, Lynn, has “liked” comments on social media that say she is being held captive. I do not think this is true from her aspects. But I won’t rule it out either. Saturn is restrictive. So maybe, but I’m more concerned about her overall health, mental or otherwise. Saturn is also the father? Yes, it could be. No, I don’t think it is. How’s that for being definitive?

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UPDATE: May 13, 2019. Britney testified in court last week that she was committed to a mental institution against her will and forced to take medication.


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Here’s an Xtrology quote from January 22, 2017, #PRESIDENTTRUMP BYE FELICIA!, “But let’s look at the bigger picture. Trump’s next aspect is scary. The president has a positive Jupiter aspect on June 1st [2017]. This protects you against the law — against legal problems.” This is what we’re seeing today as this aspect is still in effect.

The liberal left, I’m watching MSNBC, are falling all over themselves to figure out how our president, Donald Trump, is a criminal when they have a report (Mueller’s) that doesn’t exactly say that. But it does. But it doesn’t exactly. This, my friend, is Jupiter at its best. Jupiter in a positive aspect will protect you — against the most heinous of allegations. Can you see it at work here?

In Trump’s chart, predictive Venus is conjunct predictive Jupiter. So this is the hallelujah period that we all wait for. This is the best energy you will have in your lifetime. And President Trump has it now. Still. If we wanted this man out of office, our window shut in 2017 as I said in my blog. Will we ever take astrology seriously? I am hoping that we will. Someday.

When Trump heard about the special counsel, he said, “I’m fucked.” No, Mr. President, you have Jupiter.

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We know that Kim Kardashian is in one of the all time best astrology cycles in human history. So many people have said to me, “When will it be over?” And so many times I have said, “Not forever.” Well, forever is 2033. The party stops. But now, it’s still going on.

Kim has recently told us she is studying to be a lawyer. Not going to law school exactly, but something where she gets sponsored and takes the bar. Whatever. I took the LSATS and was really pretty hot on being Alicia Florrick (in my dreams). The law is difficult. And I ultimately wondered if I could handle all the work. Instead, here I am, an astrologer. I know. It’s a little hard to follow.

Kim is a Libra with Pluto and Saturn conjunct. So she’s strong. Her rising sign appears to be Sagittarius along with her Mars and Sadge rules the law. So, yes, being a lawyer totally suits her. Even being a Libra, she’s someone who looks for justice. Mars as a focal planet makes her really determined, but Neptune is also. And, I think, we see much more of that Pisces influence where she’s sees things the way she wants and reality is simply a nuisance.

So can she be a lawyer? Absolutely yes. Will she be a lawyer? Nope. I just don’t see her going through the painstaking learning curve. This is where Jupiter can be a hindrance. It makes your life easy. And why would you want to do grueling work when you made it to the top without it? Sure, she works. But what she does is mostly attention getting. Without even being critical, why would she spend day after day learning the legal system when she could be looking in the mirror?

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Xtrology predicted this. Prosecutors want Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman to serve time in jail whether they plead guilty or not. Here’s my blog from March 13, 2019. Serious stuff:

“I’ve said this before so, of course, I’ll say it again. You can do many things wrong. And until your chart reaches a critical point, you’re not going to get caught. It can go on for years and years and then the bell tolls. This is the case for Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin and 700 plus others who have been paying bribes to get their children in swanky colleges rather than allow their children to shine by themselves.

Felicity is a Sagittarius which we don’t see many of in Xtrology blogs. Sagittarius rules the truth and clearly that’s not what is going on here. Her predictive planets tell us why. She has predictive Sun (herself) involved in a T-square — where it is squaring Neptune (lies) and opposing Mars (evil, dark planet that turns your world around). My first thought is that she’s going to get out of this, but this is not what her astrology is showing. According to Xtrology, she’s in a lot of trouble. The Feds came to her house while she was sleeping, right? This woman is scared. I don’t have her houses. Wonder if the 9th (the law) or the 12th (jail) are involved.

Lori Loughlin is a Leo, the show biz planet. She has a similar aspects. Her predictive Venus (love) is square Neptune (lies). And her predictive Sun is square Mars. Her daughter who benefited from the payoffs is on You Tube telling the public she didn’t even want to go to college and she isn’t going to take it seriously. So in her case, this is especially egregious. The kid doesn’t even want the spot she took from another child who really did want it. Again, no time so no ability to see the houses for Lori. But this is serious. It’s part of a much bigger shake down.

Both these women have every right to be concerned. These are very negative aspects. And they were always going to be happening now. It would have been in their interest to have this information in advance (knowing this was coming, they could just not have done it. Something was going to happen, but it didn’t have to be this). That’s why you go to an astrologer. I predict their careers are tarnished, and they are outed as bad parents. (Are we going to see the public getting a grip on celebrity children?) And it is possible, they will do jail time. Definitely if the 9th and 12th are involved. It’s the law, ladies.

And think about this, William Macy, Felicity’s husband, wasn’t arrested, but Lori’s was. Could that be because his chart doesn’t allow for this at this time. Makes you want to have your chart done, doesn’t it?

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UPDATE: April 3, 2019, from The Daily Mail, “Felicity Huffman arrives at court hand-in-hand with a mystery man as she and Lori Loughlin prepare to face prosecutors who say the actresses will get JAIL TIME in college bribery scheme.”

UPDATE2: April 9, 2019, Felicity stated “I am pleading guilty to the charge brought against me by the United States Attorney’s Office. I am in full acceptance of my guilt, and with deep regret and shame over what I have done, I accept full responsibility for my actions and will accept the consequences that stem from those actions.” It’s believed she will spend 2-4 months in prison.


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If we were to believe the rumors, we would think that Kate Middleton is suffering from jealousy over her husband having an affair and Meghan Markle having a baby. No attention for poor Kate. Who should we listen to?

Kate Middleton is a Capricorn Sun. Her Mercury and Venus are in Aquarius, Mars is in Libra but also conjunct Saturn (Capricorn which exalts it) and Pluto (Scorpio). So the Mars thing is complicated. But still in the passive/aggressive sign of Libra. Soooooo. Her Moon is in Cancer, it’s rulership.

But let’s look at what is currently going on in her chart. Her predictive Sun is trine Pluto. This tells me she is completely all right with the power structure in her life since Pluto is power and a trine is the most harmonious aspect. She also has predictive Mercury (communication) sextile Uranus (the unexpected). This is a good and happy chart. She’s handling it. If this rumored affair really did happen, she’s on top of it, she already knew about it and dealt with it or she doesn’t care. Whatever. She’s fine. As for her feelings about Meghan, she’s okay with that, too. Life is good for her. I would say that Kate is perfectly aware of what her job entails and at least for now, just accepts it. She’s going to be Queen. She’s looking at the big picture. Listen to Xtrology.

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UPDATE: April 2, 2019, Celebitchy just called Kate “vaporizer-in-chief.” Wish I had thought of that.