photo de0a89d9-b965-43b3-b797-0ac6d6ca3b36_zpszn8ej8wg.jpg

With this chart, I would be afraid to. Seriously. Wow! There are bad charts and then there are bad charts.

Steve Bannon, Trump’s right hand man and Jared Kushner’s nemesis, is a Sagittarius. That’s the end of the good stuff after his Moon in Leo. His Venus/Mercury are in Scorpio and Mars is debilitated in Libra. He has no focal planets. Focal planets focus you. And no earth planets. Earth grounds you. He flies around with no real consideration for reality. He has some very bazaar philosophies that don’t make much practical sense nor would it really matter to him. So you can see where he finds intermittent alignment with Trump. And you can also see where that can go very wrong.

Currently he has four predictive squares. That is a lot. I can’t remember a chart like this. His predictive Mars is squaring his natal and predictive Pluto. His predictive Sun/Mercury conjunction is squaring his Saturn and his predictive Mercury is squaring his natal Venus. This is so bad, it’s wicked. You would just want to find a cave and live in it. But he’s not in a cave. He’s in the White House! Of course. This is what has been so difficult to understand about the Trump presidency — the negativity. Normally people are put off by negativity — not drawn to it. Nothing good comes of this chart. Bannon can’t help himself or his country. Maybe we’ll get lucky, and he’ll leave. Maybe he’ll get lucky, and he’ll leave. Jesus take the wheel.

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 photo 9c58421a-5c95-4b43-b874-deffb9738a90_zps9btkyc2r.jpg

Astrologically, of course. He’s a Capricorn Sun/Mercury/Venus. Capricorn has as difficult a temperament as any sign. They’re quirky. They are stubborn despite being a cardinal sign. Saturn is their ruler. Could it be that? Historically Saturn was referred to as the evil taskmaster. Can you enslave your life to success in a way that you become too rigid? In “Astrological Games People Play” it says, “Perhaps the rings of Saturn symbolize the parasitic illusions which can develop in our consciousness over the years, and feed off our irrational fears and insecurities, keeping us separate from our true selves.” In other words, they’re jerks. Especially the ones that are failures, but Kushner is not in that category. He currently has more titles possibly than anyone ever has had in the White House. He’s taking on an unreasonable role. Who but Cap is up to that?

Currently Jared has predictive Sun (himself) square (the worst) Uranus (people in high places). Again, I don’t have his time so it’s now or a little in the future. But it is very negative. Not the perfect aspect for a job start. Chances are people don’t like him that much — are jealous of his influence. I have to tell you a narcissist (Donald) and a Capricorn. Now that’s funny. Where do I begin? Neither likes to be told what to do. Neither likes to ask permission. Both want what they say to happen with no backlash. Neither are collaborative. Oh, especially that. Neither are team players. Both underneath it all are dictators. Jared will obviously have to play the game, but it’s not his nature to like it.

This is why it all seemed so amusing to elect Donald Trump for the White House — someone clearly angry, vindictive, rebellious, unsympathetic. And why it was crazy. It’s because it doesn’t work. It’s a big fuck you, but what happens when nothing gets done because the energy is so bad? The Republicans have the House, the Senate and the president. And still all they are doing is getting rid of Obama accomplishments (except the one they have waited seven years for, Obamacare) — which, of course, appeals to these kinds of people. But is it good for America?

I don’t get that Kushner is a terrible person. As the head of something where he has control (something real estate and not the government which he knows nothing about), he can be quite effective. But clearly this is a risky proposition since all the government rules he’s running over apply to him. He doesn’t have executive privilege. He goes to jail.

I would counsel him to stay as far away from Donald Trump as possible in general and definitely with this chart. I don’t have his houses. Are any of them legal, the 9th? Prison, the 12th? Risky business if you ask me.

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 photo d40dad5a-ef6b-4c10-a229-db880904d222_zpshiqccucq.jpg

Another story of a woman being abused. This time someone famous and well-known to all, Mel Brown, formerly of the Spice Girls, recently on America’s Got Talent. She’s got it all: Beauty, talent, money and a great family. But… Apparently the family part is a bit of PR, because her husband (I’m not mentioning his name or doing his chart) has been physically hurting her — for years — in all the ways that domestic abusers do. But she’s going public, and we want to know, why now?

Mel is a Gemini Sun/Mercury. Her moon is in Aquarius. Her Venus is in the family-loving sign of Cancer. Most notable is her rising sign of Scorpio which is capable of dealing with severe hardship. I know I say a lot of negative things about this rising sign, because it is so beyond stubborn. And being around someone with this ascendant can be maddening. But they are troopers. Mel’s story of physical and psychological hardship, well, I believe every word of it. And her ability to continue and prosper in her career is a testament to how much she can endure. But also let’s look at her two focal planets. The first is Venus. This may be the hardest one of all, because it makes you believe you are unlovable and unloved — completely a decision your psyche has made all on its own — nothing to do with the actual facts. But it is real to the person who owns it. And it is tough to navigate. Most people over-indulge to make up for the things they believe they lack. But it’s a constant insecurity, and nothing really fixes it. Her other focal planet is Saturn which makes one extremely ambitious. So while Mel B. is experiencing abuse at home and doubts in her head, she trudges on, because being successful gives her some satisfaction. Overall, though, it’s a mess in there.

It makes sense that a woman who doesn’t believe in her worth is the woman that is taken advantage of. But more important, what gives her the courage to finally make it stop? Today Mel B. has her predictive Venus as the focal planet of her natal nodes which are always karmic. And let’s not forget that relationships like this very often come in ‘another lifetime’ package. They are business that is left over from the past. And the fact that Mel B. told her friends that her husband might kill her, hey, he may have killed her in the past. She may have a distant memory of being killed, and in this lifetime, it could be very real to her.

She has chosen to out her aggressor on predictive Mercury trine natal Uranus. If she were my client, this is exactly the time I would recommend. And it is just starting. Perhaps she has incredible intuition. Because this will work. She will get the support she needs to keep from turning back. Mercury is your reputation and she will be believed, because, unfortunately, there are times that women aren’t. Trines are the most positive energy and to Uranus — that’s her friends and people in high places. To the 12th House, again, another indication this is karmic.

She’s going to wish she’d done it sooner. That’s another downfall of Scorpio rising. They are not quick to act. But once they’re through. They’re through.

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 photo 6d7c3aa0-2fee-48c0-b727-98dcf61d2ff2_zpsojgcadm3.jpg

Apparently $13 million has been paid out to quiet women claiming sexual harassment by Bill O’Reilly. His picture and the article was front page New York Times. So that along with the Roger Ailes fiasco, and Fox has a little problem with their policy on women. Will Bill O’Reilly stay employed?

O’Reilly is a Virgo Sun/Saturn. His Mercury is in Libra so he talks smoother than he is. And Saturn next to his Sun lends a Capricorn sensibility. (And please look into Capricorn because I have a whole new respect for what they are capable of). He has only one focal planet, Uranus, but a lot of other planets (Neptune, Mercury, Venus and the Moon) are involved in creating it. Uranus can be kind of kinky.

His last predictive aspect was predictive Mars conjunct Saturn (work). And Mars is the troublemaker. I don’t have his time, and without the time it could be six months before or six months after. But it does seem to be now, doesn’t it? With this aspect present, it would appear that if one more advertiser, Mercedes Benz — gone, leaves, O’Reilly could get fired. And Ladies, this behavior needs to stop. It’s 2017. I’m wearing my pussy hat as I type this. Makes me feel more connected to the other women who have been assaulted. And we all have at one time or another. Haven’t we?

Didn’t Bill O’Reilly say something about Maxine Waters’ hair? She’s a congresswoman, a woman of a certain age and A WOMAN!!! Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!

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UPDATE: Bill O’Reilly announced his vacation until April 24th. Totally planned. But he may not be back. Ever.

UPDATE2: It’s April 19th and Bill O’Reilly is gone, gone, gone from Fox News. Karma is a bitch.


 photo b9cdeeb7-ac7e-4595-8a3c-a562b4bdcb48_zps5xjppk55.jpg

We’re experiencing the worst. Right? He’s lying on a daily basis. Doesn’t he respect the American public? He’s treating the press (especially the minority press) like they are gum under his shoe. So what does his astrology chart say about him?

He’s a Virgo Sun/Pluto/Mercury. With Pluto, he likes control — probably thinks he should be president. All those planets are focal planets (two opposing planets with the focal planets squaring both). So the Sun, a little of his own narcissism, Mercury, verbally abusive, and Pluto, a strong sense of right and wrong according to his own definition. Explains a lot. His Moon is in its fall in Scorpio. This is a wicked Moon. In itself — doesn’t make you a terrible person, but there’s a terrible person inside you if it wants to come out. This placement can make you meaner than a rattlesnake. And cranky, because the Moon doesn’t like being in this sign.

Sean has an interesting thing happening in his chart. He was in a positive Jupiter period when he was hired for his job as White House press secretary and Communications Director. But (I don’t have his time so it’s not exact) immediately after he hit a wall in the form of predictive Mars squaring his Neptune. Neptune being lying. Squares are bad. Mars being the Cuisinart that crushes your life into little crispy bits. So let’s see where this goes. His dream job, and the one he is obviously trying to hold on to against all odds, is in serious jeopardy — along with what is left of his reputation.

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UPDATE: 7/21/17 Sean Spicer resigns his job at the White House.


 photo 3ed2c8bc-3ac2-43ab-aef8-051d6e18da91_zpsnkkhdocy.jpg

Okay, they’re hot. Both are Leos. Sexy. I get it. He has Moon in Pisces to her super-Scorpio Moon. Okay. Okay. She has Mars in Sadge. His is Taurus. Hers squares his Venus. That works for chemistry.

I think the timing is wrong. He has predictive Sun square Mars. And she has predictive Sun square Venus. Although he also has Venus coming up to sextile Uranus. Now alone that could be good. Except it isn’t. These two are too high profile to take it casually. She’s very jealous. And he knows how to make women jealous.


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 photo 31b26069-90ed-4a6f-ae38-d3ed6065d72a_zpsnqgb7hip.jpg

Are you wondering if the prince will marry a common girl? Why would he? So many choices. And why this girl?

Harry is a Virgo Sun/Mercury. His Mars is in Sagittarius so he likes all things exotic. He likes other countries and religions. His Venus is in its rulership in the sign of Libra so it works well there. And his Moon is in the exalted sign of Taurus. So far he’s pretty perfect, but, oh, he has Capricorn rising. All the negative signs rising are a little more difficult than the positive (fire, air) ones. But Capricorn is its own little form of hell. There is a lot of insecurity in his makeup. He desperately needs to be needed. There is a sense of rejection from birth — of being unwanted by one or both his parents. His life is based around these feelings of not fitting in. So early on, he made a decision that his life only works if he is in control. All this, and still, he is destined for something important as Capricorn rules the 10th House of Career. In Harry’s 9th House of Foreign Countries is his Venus (women he will love), Pluto (where he finds his control) and Saturn (ambition).

Meghan Markle is a Leo Sun/Mercury. Her Mars is in Cancer. And her Venus is in Virgo, Harry’s Sun/Mercury. So that’s a connection — a good one. Her Moon is in Libra conjunct Pluto which makes that Moon also Scorpio because sitting beside a planet gives it those qualities. And Scorpio is one screwed-up Moon in its fall. Her Moon also conjunct Jupiter giving it outspoken Sagittarius qualities, and conjunct Capricorn where you have the other difficult debilitated Moon. So while Meghan looks like a simple girl, she is not. She’s complicated and once everything settles down, difficult. However Meghan’s Libra Moon/Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn conjuncts Harry’s Venus — another good and strong connection and likely the reason they are together. Although all that Libra squares Harry’s Capricorn rising — a rub that won’t show for a time, but can cause trouble later on. How much? It’s an individual thing how one handles their chart. Two people won’t handle it the same. And Libra in general doesn’t like confrontation. Their connection could be so strong — they could work on their bond — and this will be minor. However, just the opposite can happen. If they don’t work on it, it could take them further and further apart.

Harry and Meghan have complicated charts together — a lot going right and a lot going wrong. These tend to be very passionate relationships. And Harry hasn’t experienced the insecurity this girl can put him through. However, right now they are perfect since Megan has predictive Mars sextile natal Jupiter and Harry had predictive Mars conjunct Jupiter with no negative aspect replacing it and predictive Mercury sextile Neptune on it’s way to sextiling natal Jupiter. I predict they will marry. It’s not that often that both people are in Jupiter. It will be one of the best times in their lives. Right now, it’s magic. They don’t have to come down to earth for a quite awhile.

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 photo 5527ba7e-9668-44eb-8488-6e3cd88cc285_zpsmugnzj48.jpg

Beyonce has a Virgo Sun. But there’s a bigger story. She has six planets in Libra — Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Pluto — and Libra rising. So she’s very Libra. Her Moon in Scorpio can also tend to dominate a chart as it is in it’s fall and ruled by the big guy, Pluto. This is a complicated woman with a huge agenda that she is fully capable of carrying out. And despite the fact that she is square (90 degrees) to her husband’s Sun in Sagittarius, she has managed to keep this relationship working. But you better believe that she is jealous and vindictive (Scorpio Moon) and doesn’t want the public to find out (all that Libra). It’s a secret. At least it was until her sister had a meltdown in an elevator over Becky with the good hair. And don’t forget “Lemonade.”

So I am surprised to find out she is having two more children with this man who appears to have cheated. But, again, back to the agenda and her astrology chart which says, IT IS TIME! Her predictive Venus (love, anyone you love) is trine (120 degrees, harmonious) to her Mars (energy). She’s definitely ready and in the mood for loving more children. I’m just hoping she loves her man, but that, too, could be very pleasant at this time. Long run — not so much.

What really doesn’t make sense? That picture. In a bra, with a veil. Hideous?

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 photo 99492e1f-bdaf-4585-a332-fdb19747bde7_zpszodnpqo6.jpg

We need to talk. Yes, I was wrong that Trump would be a candidate for President of The United States. There were enough people in the Republican Party with Jupiter charts to easily take the nomination. That didn’t happen. As far as the presidency, neither he or Hillary Clinton had a good chart, and someone had to win. I said she would squeak . And in the popular vote, she did. But Donald Trump was sworn in as president due to our Electoral College.

There are many people claiming he is already in violation of many laws and there are a zillion articles to explain it. What I want to concentrate on is astrology. Being wrong about his candidacy is still a huge question mark. Astrology isn’t wrong. He has a negative chart with the emphasis on his reputation sliding off a cliff. For me, this is happening. He is not the person I thought he was. The question I can’t answer is why did people vote for a person with a negative chart? Why did he become the candidate?

But let’s look at the bigger picture. Trump’s next aspect is scary. The president has a positive Jupiter aspect on June 1st. This protects you against the law — against legal problems. So to put it bluntly, if he is a threat to our great society, there are a little more than five months to remove him from office. Otherwise we will have a man governing our land that is, many people believe, unfit.

Xtrology is the timing of the events in your life. Xtrology needs a voice when the stakes are this high. I have written my blog for over 7 1/2 years to prove that my system works. If you’re one of those people that believe Trump should not be president. Get on it. Don’t take you time.

I found the most fascinating You Tube video in which Keith Olbermann explains the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, Section 4– if you’re interested. Then you’ll understand, “Bye Felicia.”

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 photo c34768aa-5419-4796-8970-a04e49bef1de_zpskhtsousk.jpg

 photo 18d0eb4a-6378-49af-af99-34ddb07c5766_zpsucp1wuud.jpg

First we have #Carrie Fisher with a massive heart attack at the age of 60 that may translate into her breathing via respirators — unable to breathe on her own. Even if she lives, the prognosis might not be good.

She’s a great writer, just finished a new book, “The Princess Diarist.” I love her sense of humor, but it isn’t a secret that she has had her shares of ups and down with drugs using them, no doubt, as a coping device. She’s a Libra Sun/Mercury. Mars in Pisces. This is where you find serious drug addiction — Pisces. It makes you very vulnerable. Her Moon is exalted in Taurus. Venus/Jupiter/Pluto conjunct in Virgo opposing Mars. The natal Venus/Jupiter makes one indulgent and can make a mother/daughter relationship that is too close. (Debbie lives next door.) And with Pluto there, it all becomes very serious with the need for control on both sides.

Currently she has predictive Venus sitting on natal Saturn. Saturn can always be illness, Venus usually points to the people you love or the people who don’t love you — a lack of love. It can cause grief and suffering and scrutiny of what you believe you should have but don’t. It’s a melancholy aspect. Prior to this aspect she had predictive Venus square natal Pluto. It’s another aspect that can make you take a look at your life and not like what you see. It causes extreme sensitivity. So for years now, and I don’t think this was one of her strengths anyway, Carrie has been her own worst enemy. Her heart attacked her — massively. Carrie Fisher has never truly believed that people love her. Let’s hope she makes it through this and finds out how wrong she was.

#George Michael is a young-ish recording superstar who died too soon. Christmas 2016. Age 53. No one was expecting it. But I think we’re going to see that both these people thought drugs were getting them through their pain only to find out it’s very hard on your internal organs. Likely for George, he was also suffering from an illness. But again an illness that would have allowed him to live longer if he had taken more care.

George is a sensitive Cancer with Venus/Mercury in Gemini. His Moon is in the show-biz sign of Leo. Mars is in the exacting sign of Virgo. Predictive Venus also caused him to recently reconnect with the love of his life. Hard to believe, but he just moved out of an exalted period with Jupiter protecting him. It was during this time that he also had predictive Venus opposition Saturn conjunct his Moon which unfortunately continued after Jupiter. We’re looking again at sensitivities that overwhelm the soul. It’s hard enough being a feeling person. Then when these kinds of aspects come in, if someone like George hasn’t done the work and toughened up, it becomes too much. Actually this can happen to any of us, but creative people are especially vulnerable.

There is a lesson here. Shortcuts are just that. They shortcut the current pain, but do they also take people away that have so much more to contribute.

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UPDATE: Carrie Fisher died on December 27 at 8:55am. She says of her latest book, “It was sad because I was so insecure, and it’s very raw and obviously I didn’t expect anyone — including myself, I suppose later on — to read it.”