I started this post after Kanye made the remark about 400 years of slavery. I totally agree with him. In 400 years, you can’t decide that it’s enough? The country has to go to war (not that that was the real reason) instead of you rebelling against the white people that own you — more of you than of them — for 400 years. I state this unequivocally. If someone is doing something to you for a long length of time and you have time to understand it, and you do nothing, you are complicit.

But guess what? I chickened out. I have a learned black friend I wanted to ask, but she had dictated to me that I was not to contact her as she would be traveling. Your phone travels with you, bitch. I did not understand, but followed her directions. They were clearly meant to be followed. No exceptions.

Today I heard the anchors talking on Access Hollywood that a white woman had been picked by Kendrick Lamar to go onstage and was supposed to sing his lyrics, and he could say nigger and she couldn’t. So a black man is telling a while woman what to say. Where is her 1st Amendment? And then he, on stage, called her out and embarrassed her. And he won the Pulitzer Prize? No criticism?

Next AH discussed the NFL decision that the black players that “take a knee” during the National Anthem would now have to stand or stay in the locker room. All this while wearing their work uniform on work time.

So in both instances black people are dictating to white people what they should do — actually in all three. While screaming about the 1st Amendment. And we, clearly, don’t have to do it, but the liberal ones of us have been so beaten down and we’re so afraid of being called racist, we comply.

I say this. There is no reason a white person cannot use the word nigger especially if we are not using it in a derogatory way. Why in the world couldn’t we?

While you work for an employer, you follow his rules. After work, you can crawl around on your knees. But during work, he has the legal right to decide to your conduct — especially in regard to the National Anthem! White wrote it. It’s a white written anthem. Would black people let us mess with their anthem. Do we have white awards? What kind of criticism would that cause?

And to my friend, I want to say I felt manipulated. That’s how I felt. Very much so.

And to everyone reading this. This is how we got Trump. So many whites are sick of the unwritten policy that we can’t criticize blacks without backlash, we don’t. But we secretly vote. Our country is coming apart. So I said what I think. Out in the open. You can disagree with me. You might even be able to change my mind. I won’t edit your comments. I welcome them. What is really going on here? Could I be right?

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Melania Trump just had a minor kidney surgery (not that any surgery is minor) but assuming we are not being lied to, this is. And her astrology chart confirms that the surgery was not of major importance. We see it here as her predictive Moon, which can only make two month aspects, conjuncting her Uranus (a surprise). So it appears to be a short medical stay. Now does it say anything about kidneys? Recently Melania had Venus (which is kidneys ruled by Libra) square Pluto (death) — so something serious with kidneys fits. Except that is over. But this is interesting. Plastic surgery is also ruled by Libra, the 7th House of Beauty. So there’s that.

Melania who has a stellium Taurus: Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus (four planets in Taurus) is handling being First Lady as well as anyone could. And this from me who has great criticism for the Trump administration. She is laying low — advice I often give — but seldom advice that people take. She also has a Capricorn Moon, of which I’ve written tons. And Mars in the always thinking Gemini.

Louis Hay who is renown for her ability to put diseases to the mental state that causes them says that kidneys have to do with criticism, disappointment, failure, shame and acting like a child. Sounds more like Trump than her. The theory behind this is that Melania instead of verbally criticizing her husband is taking it out on herself as an illness — the mind/body connection — the body speaks for the mind. If…

In Melania’s future, we will see her predictive Mercury opposing her natal Neptune. This is her reputation squared to (negative) Neptune (lying). Now what would she be lying to us about? It might mean that we don’t believe the reason she has given us for surgery. Her reputation will be questioned. And worst of all — that her looks mean more to her than being First Lady. Well, let’s hope that isn’t the case.

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Some people are thinking that Kanye West is crazy and some think that he is drumming up publicity for his next project. You can’t tell personality disorders from an astrology chart, but you can see personalities difficulties that could mean disorders.

Kanye is a Gemini Sun/Jupiter — that fortunate combination that adds luck all through your life. His Mercury is in Taurus, Moon in Pisces and Venus/Mars conjunct in Taurus. This last aspect can mean the sexuality can go many various ways and the mother thing. And it lends that passive/aggressive quality — not great — definitely something to consider when you partner with someone. Oh, and Cancer rising. Still I wouldn’t say his chart confirms his diagnosis. The Moon as a focal planet does mean things bother him — a lot — even too much.

Currently Kanye has predictive Mercury just conjuncting his predictive Saturn. And ironically his predictive Sun is sextile his natal Mercury. Whatever is going on with Kanye, we’re going to see more of it and likely the negative will win out. My advice to him is lay low — work on your music. But Kanye won’t take my suggestion or anyone else’s. So you’ll be seeing more of his stuff. And conclusions will come with that. I’m voting for crazy.

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Normally, we do what our chart tells us to do — even without knowing it. Astrology is a force — an energy. So why would someone get married when their chart says no? Ask Gwyneth Paltrow, because she’s lost her mind. Or more likely, she has a reason that’s not about being in love. Not only is she Libra stellium, three planets are in Libra’s House, the 7th. She doesn’t like being alone.

Marriage is interesting. You simply must marry for the right reasons for it to work. And that is that you cannot imagine your life without that person. Gwyneth is Libra Sun, Mercury (Gemini), Uranus (Aquarius) and Pluto (Scorpio). This configuration is very complicated since each planet influences the other three. Also she has a Gemini Moon conjunct Saturn (same as a Capricorn Moon) made worse by the fact it squares her Libra planets by sign. I do want to mention her Jupiter in the 10th House because she hasn’t done much film work lately and yet her web site, Goop, is making her wealthy.

So without even looking at her potential husband’s chart, I can tell you she has predictive Mercury opposing her natal Moon. Coming up is predictive Venus conjunct the malefic planet, Uranus — also the divorce planet and her predictive Sun? Just about to square natal Venus. Consult Xtrology, Gwyneth. This is going to be expensive and embarrassing.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their third child this morning. We don’t have a name yet — perhaps two or three days from now. The little one is a Taurus with Venus conjunct — a sign of beauty. I’ll bet this is the prettiest of their children. He has a very royal, as Leo denotes royalty in astrology, Moon which is the focal planet of his chart — so, sensitive. That seems like a nice characteristic in the chart of someone who can change the world. His Mercury is Aries. He will be more outspoken than you might think a Taurus would be. And finally an exalted Mars in the sign of Capricorn. He can get things done. A very lovely chart for this young man.

If there is anything that I would say is his Achilles’ Heel, it would be Cancer as his ascendant. Do you remember I believe the rising sign brings out the worst qualities of the sign? And the negative signs in these placements do seem negative where normally it’s simply the opposite of positive — not a judgement call at all. Cancer rising can be lazy and envious of others. They’re emotional (goes along with the Leo focal planet). He will talk about his feelings. But they also have a great love of family and the traditions that go with it. Sentimental? Yes, that too. It’s a little hard to imagine, but self-pity thrives in this placement. I’ve seen it in the most unlikely of circumstances. And let’s just round this out with a tendency towards over indulgence.

He’s not perfect. But seriously, this is a good solid astrology chart with many many blessings. It will be up to his parents how self-indulgent he becomes. So much of it is your parents and the lessons you learn from them. With the new succession rules and a majority of his planets in the 10th House of Career, he has a real opportunity to be king after his father and grandfather. Simply a beautiful baby with an amazing life ahead.

Congratulations to Kate and William!!!

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Gossip is flying in Hollywood that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are fighting — that those twitter jokes aren’t really kidding but a way for the two of them to snipe at each other. So couples have squabbles. That isn’t really the story. Reynolds has a reputation for being mean to his women. Do you remember that he had a very serious relationship with Alanis Morissette? And what about his short marriage to Scarlett Johansson? Does this make you curious as to what his chart looks like? Me too.

Ryan Reynolds has a Scorpio stellium — four planets in Scorpio. His Sun, Mercury, Moon, Mars and Uranus. That’s four out of five personal planets (Sun/Mercury/Moon, Venus and Mars). What makes these people complicated is the fact that a conjunct planet affects every other planet. For example the Sun conjunct Mercury gives the Scorpio Sun some Virgo (Mercury’s sign) characteristics. Now apply that to each planet and the other three planets it influences. It’s difficult, even for me, to understand the complications. But this is not thought to be good. It’s too busy. Too hard to assimilate for him — for his brain. And we aren’t overlooking the fact the sign involved is Scorpio — which is another word for anger.

Yes, all Scorpios are born with anger. It’s in their profile with revenge, control, jealousy to name a few. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio gets the majority of the negative characteristics. This sign is also incredibly passionate, dynamic and let’s not forget sexy. Scorpio can rule worlds – if they can get out of their own way. Ryan is known for his spiteful speech. Really? Mercury in Scorpio. His jealousy? Moon in its fall. His anger? Mars in Scorpio. In general, don’t mess with Scorpio. Tread carefully. By the way, these are all in the 2nd House of Money.

Blake Lively, much like her husband, has most of her planets in the same sign. This time Virgo (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus). And it’s a sign that compliments Scorpio. But again, the problem lies elsewhere. Too many planets. Very focussed. Very determined. Very Virgo. And that complex Venus/Mars conjunction — throw in a little passive/aggressive (which is anger but hidden). Do we have a mess here?

The rumors say that they will divorce. I say not now. But in the future. I give it three years. This will be when Blake’s predictive Sun squares Neptune. Normally Uranus is the divorce planet. But given what these two are dealing with, the first negative aspect will take them down.

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Tony Robbins is back in the news, probably because he needs the attention — you know the attention he is accusing the MeToo moving of needing. He calls them out for trying to make themselves significant. Hello? Tony Robbins. Whatever do you think you are doing? You are always doing.

If one has been abused in whatever way, very often it takes from you every bit of self-confidence you have — from no one caring if you tell your story to just the act itself robbing you of any dignity. And while I don’t think these women are doing this for significance, what if they were? What if they were just trying to get back what was stolen from them?

This hypocritical big piece of ooze, has been on my hit lit since 2012 when I wrote the blog below. I found out two friends had paid him something like $5,000 each to walk across hot coals and generally suck up his questionable advice. He horrified me then and he horrifies me now.

“People think that I criticized Dr. Wayne Dyer, but I just pointed out that he isn’t taking his own advice. Tony Robbins is another matter altogether. His message is derisive and destructive. I watched him on “Oprah’s Lifeclass: The Tour.” I was shocked and astounded when he advised people to be fearless. I can unequivocally state that every mistake I have made in my life has come from being fearless. This message is irresponsible. And there is a reason no one is confronting him. He has a 46-year Jupiter period that has made him bullet proof. The energy surrounding him is so positive it’s blinding people to the nature of this false prophet.

Having fear and being fearless are both sides of the same coin. Fear is having no trust in the Universe and fearlessness is having no trust in the Universe. Fearlessness is ego, the first of the seven deadly sins. And they are listed in order. When you are fearless you believe in yourself and nothing and no one else. The results are the same. Failure. The true message is humility and faith that the Universe (or God) will lead you to your greatest triumph.

Tony Robbins is a Pisces Sun so you might think that he cares about people — that he is compassionate. But his Venus and Mars are in the cold, solitary sign of Aquarius. Being conjunct they create a push/pull energy surrounding his need for relationships. He needs them and he doesn’t. Usually this makes for a person who is just fine alone. And finally Mars conjunct Venus picks up Libra (Venus’ ruler) which is extremely negative for Mars — creating a passive/aggressive person — who is loathe to be supportive of other people. His focal planet, Jupiter, the relating planet, tells us he likes cults or cultures. No kidding. He created one around himself.

Having a 46-year positive Jupiter period (natal Jupiter changed signs allowing it to make new aspect. This one was to predictive Pluto. As it retrograded while in orb, the aspect became very long in duration.) beginning at the age of 31 and continuing to the age 77, Tony Robbins was given the gift of power. And much like Bernie Madoff, he hasn’t used it for anything but his own aggrandizement.

Tony Robbins doesn’t care about you. And despite all his success, he isn’t the happiest man on the planet. Because when you don’t care about anyone, you’re all alone. There is extreme angry towards the father (Moon square Saturn). And again, there is no upside to anger. It eats you alive — unless Jupiter is there to protect you. Tony Robbins is a perfect example of money not buying happiness.

This is an observation not a judgment. Please leave your comments on Xtrology’s Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Xtrology) page.”

I’m no longer using Facebook for comments. (Crazy as it sounds, it was my friend who paid Tony Robbins that gave me that sage advice.) My readers told me they didn’t like it, and I didn’t move fast enough and lost them. Please come back. For a private session, contact melanie@xtrology.com. And please visit Xtrology on Facebook and Twitter.


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I don’t get it. Wendy Williams was saying something along the same lines today. What is the deal with Channing Tatum? Isn’t he a male stripper that has segued his charm into Hollywood. Do you find him attractive? Because I don’t on many levels. I think I’ve got excelent dickdar and, no, for me.

Channing Tatum is a Taurus. Mercury in Aries. Venus is the chilly, chilly sign of Gemini. Mars is in Leo (the entertainment sign) and one of three focal planets. How do I explain this? A calculated bulldozer on steroids (possibly literally). And you like him why? By the way, fixed Mars just sets his hard-headed determination in stone. He almost never changes his mind to suit your needs — unless it is in the pursuit of his ambition (the second focal planet, Saturn). With a single-minded pursuit of his goals, he trudges on with a strength of conviction that headaches are made of. Unless and until he gets his feelings hurt (third focal planet, the Moon). And then all hell and brimstone is unleashed on someone. Recently announced — his separation from Jenna Dewan. How did she last this long? Easy. She did what he wanted. ALL THE TIME.

Which brings me to why the public has embraced him. Jupiter. Currently predictive Venus sextile natal Jupiter. Recently ended predictive Mercury sextile predictive Jupiter. He’s on a roll. Who am I to say? We all get our day. It’s what happens after.

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Stormy Daniels, a working girl, had sex with our current president, Donald Trump and she’s on “60 Minutes” on Sunday to talk about it. Everyone is wondering if there is some big revelation.

Stormy has the quintessential hooker chart. She’s a Pisces Sun/Mars — heart of gold. Her Venus love planet is in the cold sign of Aquarius. And her 5th (romance), 7th (marriage) and 8th (sex) houses are empty — leaving her with little interest in the white picket fence. Her Moon is Scorpio, the sex Moon as Scorpio rules the 8th House. With Sagittarius as a rising sign, she likes to talk. That’s obvious with her highly anticipated television debut on the horizon despite still having a NDA.

What will we see on Sunday? With her predictive Sun opposition her Moon, her mood is not good. Should this exposure be the highlight of her life? It’s not. With predictive Mercury inconjunct Saturn, her reputation isn’t going to take off. And then finally, while I don’t pay too much attention to transits that other astrologers rely solely upon, I will say that having Pluto opposition her Jupiter and Uranus squaring them both — that’s a T-square, well, it doesn’t add anything good. And Pluto, being such a heavy duty planet, it almost qualifies as a predictive planet. So more bad news.

All this and the Donald is still in Jupiter. If you’re wondering why he hasn’t been impeached when he does impeachable things daily? He’s in Jupiter. He wasn’t when he was elected, but he is now.

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Okay, I’m confused about this. What was I drinking/smoking? When I say Sun square Mars, it’s actually conjunct. And it’s Venus that conjuncts Mercury and opposes Saturn. I know. It was six years ago. I have no explanation. However the overall sentiment is the same. Bethenny Frankel is over. And really over because she doesn’t know it and is acting out. This is why we have humility. And why we have negative events in our lives — to bring us back to earth and keep our ego from spinning out-of-control. The meek (humble) will inherit the earth.

Below is my blog and the link will take you to the article in “The Daily Mail” about Bethenny and how her castmates are sick of her and a general synopsis of the meltdown. TheDailyMail

“You want to be Kim Kardashian, you want to be Katie Perry, but you don’t want to be Bethenny Frankel. It looks pretty fabulous now. But have you ever had the experience of thinking that someone had it all (Farrah Fawcett) and finding out they didn’t? Be careful what you ask for. I hear people on her daytime talk show, BETHENNY, saying they want to be her. No, you don’t.

Bethenny is a Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune — really really Scorpio. Her Moon is in the sign of Capricorn. And her Mars is in the sign of Libra. ‘nuf said.

Her recent cash infusion of $50 million dollars for her Skinny Margarita made the cover of FORBES magazine. It’s unusual for someone who is not in a positive Jupiter to bring in this kind of cash. But she had a partner, and I can only surmise the he was responsible for the windfall. But it hasn’t stopped her from taking all the credit and exploiting herself in every way possible including her reality show — not that it’s wrong, but really what does the future hold for people who expose their entire lives? Is there ever a backlash?

One possible answer is a lengthy period of negative aspects — which for Bethenny starts in 2016 (age 46) and lasts until 2025 (age 55) with a short respite when her predictive Mars conjuncts Jupiter until mid-2028 (age 58) when her predictive Sun squares Mars (the worst of the predictive aspects — it attacks anything that the ego depends on), predictive Sun square Uranus, Mars conjunct Mercury and Mars opposition Saturn. Whew! I’ve had more than my share of bad aspects, but never this many at once. But then, is Bethenny more spiritual than I was? Will she handle this better than I did? No one really knows, but the key is how much of her self worth is wrapped up in her fame and fortune. How much of this did she really earn? I was coming off a Jupiter period, and it felt like I hit a brick wall.

Sending good thoughts to Bethenny. Call me, Girl. Navigating this is going to be a  bitch tough.

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