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It was a scary diagnosis. Three months to live. That was what was given to Valerie Harper in 2013. But Xtrology looked at her chart and saw hope. Xtrology knew she could live with the will and the right attitude. And she did until the age of 80. I would say six years is quite a victory. Rest in peace. Here is my post from March 20, 2013:

“Valerie Harper, who so many of us remember on THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW and RHODA, has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Doctors say she has only three months to live.

Valerie is a Leo Sun with Leo rising, Leo Mercury and Leo Venus. She needed to be in show biz. It’s in her blood. And that outspoken quality we all love in her, a Sagittarius Moon. Jupiter in Aries trines all her Leo planets making her relatable to almost everyone. Mars in Capricorn, the most fortunate position, gives her drive and ambition and the ability to make things happen.

She currently has the nasty aspect, predictive Mars square predictive Uranus which accounts for this heartbreaking diagnosis. However, if she can hang on longer than expected, and many, many people do, in exactly two years predictive Venus will trine predictive Jupiter. People will say it’s a miracle, but it’s just an astrology chart doing its thing. Say a prayer for Valerie. She has the best attitude a winner like her can have. Now she just needs more time.”

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In the L.A. Times today regarding Michael Avenatti: “…a federal grand jury has indicted the Los Angeles lawyer on 36 counts of fraud, perjury, failure to pay taxes, embezzlement and other financial crimes. Avenatti stole millions of dollars from five clients and used a tangled web of shell companies and bank accounts to cover up the theft…” Xtrology knew on 11/2018, he’s not a good person. Here is the blog:

“He’s kinda sexy? Right? It’s the Scorpio Moon. Another high-profile person who has it. So there must be some correlation between being in the public and the Scorpio Moon. Wonder what that is? So Michael Avenatti got charged with domestic violence. Did he do it?

Michael is an Aquarius, normally a very passive, humanitarian sign. But he has this Scorpio Moon, a placement that makes the owner emotionally uncomfortable pretty much all the time. The Moon does not like being in this sign because it doesn’t fit the characteristics of the Moon. Another red flag is his Mercury is a focal planet (two planets oppose and the focal planet squares both) which means he is verbally abusive. I’d steer clear of this one. In my experience, it’s every time.

This is all I need to know to believe that it is likely Michael Avenatti did abuse someone or definitely could.

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Again, another celebrity with the deadly stinger called a Scorpio Moon. Go where the Moon don’t shine. Is this a recipe for success? Because so many people on this blog have it and yet it’s a bad placement and makes people crazy. Whenever a sign and a planet don’t mesh, you get a person who is at odds with themselves. They’re in. They’re out. They’re here. They’re there. They like you. They don’t.

Miley is the adorable sign of Sagittarius. One of my favs as it is mine. And I really do like these people especially the woman. They are very straight forward and fearless. Her rising sign is the money loving Taurus. Mercury is also in Scorpio. Mars in Cancer and Venus in Capricorn. Not so bad. The thing that makes Miley the person you love is her Moon in the debilitated sign of Scorpio. She’s uncomfortable being her. It accounts for so much of her quirky personality.

It has just been reported that she has left her husband of less than a year, Liam Hemsworth, for a woman. She hasn’t actually said this, but there is a lot of evidence. The thing about Miley, too, that makes her interesting is that her Jupiter squares three Capricorn planets and Saturn squares three Scorpio planets. While she has no focal planets, she has this. And it’s complicated. Hers is a gifted chart but not an easy one.

Currently Miley has no big aspects going on. This wasn’t something she spent much time contemplating. She wanted to do it so she did. Not earth shattering. Just another Monday. Or Sunday. Or Saturday. Or whatever. Miley’s just busy being Miley. But trust me. It’s not as easy as it looks.

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Jeffrey Epstein, a pedophile on a scale that is indescribable, horrendous and beyond understanding, is the definition of evil. Our question is, does it show in his astrology chart? So much doesn’t. There are limits. It really does matter what your upbringing looks like. Two people with the exact same chart won’t be the same people despite many, many similarities. His chart however has challenges where you can predict a questionable person. You don’t want your daughter marrying this man. An astrologer can tell you this.

Epstein, I would bet my career, is a Capricorn despite the fact that the Sun changes signs on the day of his birth and he could (without the time) be an Aquarius. With Capricorn as the Sun sign, he has a Grand Square, the most challenging of all the aspects. Six of his ten planets is involved in this. No one with six focal planets is going to be normal. That ship has sailed. In addition, his Mars and Venus are conjunct — always some issues with sexuality. He is also highly passive/aggressive due to Venus’ proximity to Mars (any association with Libra). Not a nice guy. Keep in mind that passive/aggressive means passive anger. But anger still. Lots of it. He also has mother issues (Pluto square Jupiter) and is highly selfish (Moon in Aries involved in the Grand Square).

Okay, I’m stumped with this one. Epstein doesn’t have a bad chart. He has a good chart. Predictive Mercury is sextile his predictive Jupiter. That’s Jupiter. Is he going to get off? Is he going to flee the country. Is he enjoying this? Explain this to me, because I don’t understand it. Any thoughts?

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UPDATE: 8/10/19 Jeffrey Epstein died today an apparent suicide in his jail cell. Again, this doesn’t fit his chart. Astrology is never wrong. I’m wrong. One possible explanation is that his date of birth is incorrect. But there are inexplicable events in astrology. Donald Trump is president. No way that should have happened.


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Have you heard people say that they don’t care who runs for president — just that he/she beat Trump? History will confirm, Donald Trump is the worst president ever. It would be so easy to list the reasons if there weren’t so many — varied and twisted and inexplicable as they are.

When I first began this blog I had no desire to be political. It was so much more important to get information out about astrology and how it can help you conquer your Universe. And then this happened. No one who understands the magnitude of Trump’s negative force should keep silent. This message is more important than my message. There won’t be a world to make better if we don’t act now.

So the looming question is, which Democratic candidate can do that? I have already written a blog on Kamala Harris who has the charmed Jupiter chart. But I believe that it must be a young heterosexual white male. I don’t believe Kamala can beat Trump. In a perfect world maybe, but this isn’t one. However, there is a candidate who can — Tom Steyer. Okay, he’s not that young. But the rest applies. He believes that we must wrestle our government away from big business and save our failing climate. That’s his agenda. We must first rescue our way of life. It’s a message you can love. And he has the Jupiter chart. But why is he entering the race so late? Is he too late?

Tom Steyer is a Cancer Sun/Moon/Venus. Nothing wrong with these placements. Very sensitive, but in a reasonable manner. The Moon is in it’s rulership. His Mercury is in intelligent Gemini also in its rulership and Mars is in showbiz Leo. His focal planet is Jupiter. It is possible to take this collective planet and use it to save humanity despite the fact focal planets are weaknesses. You can use your weakness to make yourself stronger. Mostly we don’t, but we can.

Currently his predictive Mercury is sitting on his predictive Jupiter and it will be there until the election. Jupiter! He can beat Trump. But no one knows who he is. However, he has enough money to remedy that. He is a billionaire. Here is a quote from Tom Steyer on Donald Trump in The Atlantic, “…he is the most corrupt president and one of the most important criminals in American history.” You’ve got to like him! I’m asking you to give Steyer a chance. Remember we need someone who can win. And Gavin Newsom isn’t running. Ugh.

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UPDATE: You need to donate $1 to his campaign for him to be in the September debates. Do that.

UPDATE2: 8/12/19 He did it. He got the 130,00 donations to qualify for the September debates with one hurdle to go. But if he got this far, look for him to be there.


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I saw a picture of Matthew Perry the other day. He is in rehab, again. We loved him in Friends and he walked away with a personal fortune. So why these continuing meltdowns? Can you see trouble in his astrology chart?

Matthew is a Leo with Leo rising. So a need for attention? You think? He found his way to the right profession, acting. His Mercury is in analytical Virgo. Venus is in family loving Cancer and Mars in adventurous Sagittarius. And then the challenge. The Moon. When you have a personal planet (one of the first five) in their fall or detriment, you have trouble. His Moon is in Scorpio. The Moon doesn’t like being in this sign because its qualities and Scorpio qualities are at odds. You end up emotionally challenged. And to make matters worse, Neptune is conjunct his Moon giving it a highly Pisces quality. Pisces, especially for the Moon, is another word for drugs. And compassion. But, yeah, drugs.

So these people we think have everything definitely don’t always. What can be harder than being challenged every day by your feelings? This is one celebrity that seems like a genuinely nice guy. Currently he has predictive Mercury conjunct his natal Venus. So hey, time to fall in love. Also he has predictive Venus sextile natal Venus. There is love all around. The problem with using drugs is that they completely cause your true purpose to be obscured. His current chart, however, will allow him to find his way back. It won’t be easy. But it is possible. Let’s send send him encouraging healing thoughts. He needs them, and we have lots of them to give!

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Two things can be true at the same time. Yes, Serena wrote an article for Harper’s Bazaar where she blames her US Open tennis match — specifically her beef with the referee for her melt down. And yes, I believe her. She didn’t like his call and thought his ruling was unfair. But here’s where I disagree. Why did this argument happen in the first place? I’m going to say, you create your reality. She walked into this match with emotional baggage. She could have handled it much, much differently. And normally she would have. But she had issues with her marriage which she didn’t want to confront. She was spoiling for a fight. And the referee supplied it. And while it all happened, possibly exactly as she retells it, that wasn’t what was really going on. Afterwards, Serena went into therapy. For a tennis match? You don’t really believe that, do you?

Here’s my opinion and my blog from August 6, 2018: “She’s fabulous, she’s talented, and she’s super rich. But Serena Williams is being used by a man and that would be her new husband, Alexis Ohanian. How do I know? It’s in her astrology. It’s always there. Never ever get married without an astrology reading. Because this could happen.

I’m looking at Serena’s chart and nothing too bad is going on. However her progressed Moon is squaring her huge stellium in Libra — her Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury. It’s just the PMoon which lasts 2 1/2 months, but times 5 — so it’s not your usual Moon aspect. Serena’s depressed. Yes, the baby is making her happy, but something else is not. And what would that be?

Her new husband is Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, has a chart that does not indicate marriage. Not at all. People with this chart just would not be in the mood for fun and games. He has progressed Mars recently having conjuncted his Sun. This aspect indicates people that are going through a major ego crisis. And it is my understanding Reddit is having some serious problems. But that’s not all, also he has progressed Mars opposition Uranus and Jupiter. Now that’s three super-serious aspects that mean no kidding around, problems here. Would he be thinking love and marriage and children or would he be thinking, how do I get myself out of this? You know which one.

I know that Serena and Alexis have an air-tight pre-nup, but that doesn’t mean she can’t choose to invest in his flagging company. Or just that he hopes that she will. Is he out of options? Is this marriage for love? I am very concerned for Serena. And want my opinion? She’s concerned too. That’s why she didn’t win Wimbledon. That’s why her tennis is suffering.

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What is Xtrology you ask? Okay you didn’t. But it’s Xtrology’s 10th Anniversary!!! Indulge me.

XTROLOGY is a stand-alone system of astrological prediction based on the work of Ptolemy, Placidus, Leo and Mason. There is no other system which produces consistent, accurate results. XTROLOGY cracked the code.

Through the centuries the empirical science of astrology has been evolving. The Babylonians in 600 B.C. invented the zodiac. Since calendars did not exist, they used observation to watch the stars. It was this civilization that brought astrology to Greece in the 4th Century, B.C. And it was there that a brilliant mathematician, astronomer and geographer, Ptolmey (Eqyptian by birth) used spherical trigonometry to create a mathematical model of the Universe on paper (without looking at the sky). He is also credited with organizing the concept of astrology based around the seven known planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) with the earth as the center of the Universe. He used a system he called primary directions.

Lulu Guinness, says “The Primary System, so called, is thus a calculation of the number of four-minute intervals during which a given planet will move from its birth position to the place where it conjoins or aspects a sensitive degree – usually the birth-position of some other planet. Then since each four-minute arc represents a year of life, it is assumed that in a given year there will be in force a directed aspect between these two bodies. Since each of these calculations are separately made and applied, the term ‘directed’ is employed.”

History has not been kind to the primary method. It has been largely forgotten due to its difficult calculation, the super degree of accuracy needed in the time (the four minute intervals) and the fact that some aspects of it remain in dispute. And, most likely, because it didn’t work.

Another hindrance to the art of astrology was that off and on throughout history laws kept popping up making the practice of astrology illegal — which in part explains the huge gap in time between the Ptolemy and Placidus in the 17th Century and then again during The Age of Enlightenment in the 18th Century.

Placidus lived from 1603-1668. According to Markab, “Placidus invented secondary progressions as a check on primary directions.” He based this theory on a day-for-a-year and the positions of the planets as they move through the ephemeris.

An enormous breakthrough happened in 1905, when Alan Leo published THE PROGRESSED HOROSCOPE. This book defines secondary progressions as they are used by astrologers today. However, this method will not produce consistently accurate results. Consequently most astrologers don’t use it at all and instead rely on transits.

Transits (the movement of the planets in the sky) are an important astrology tool. That is not in question. The father of modern day definitions for transits is Robert Hand who wrote, PLANETS IN TRANSIT. However, they foretell the mood of the situation and do not foretell actual events.

July 2009, XTROLOGY began blogging predictions significantly revising the old rules for secondary progressions. Once of XTROLOGY’s biggest contributions is the important of positive Jupiter aspects and the fact that they supersede and protect from all negative aspects. XTROLOGY calls the new day-for-a-year method ‘predictive,’ because it is not secondary. This is the first line of prediction with transits as supplemental.

If a birthday exists, a prediction can be made whether it be a city, country, company or person. My results are as accurate as the birth data I use. My predictions are public through my blog, XTROLOGY.

In the BIBLE in Ecclesiastes it says:
“I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happen to them all.”

“…time and chance happen to them all.” This is XTROLOGY, an explanation of the cycles of your life.”

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Last night in the first of the Democratic debates, Kamala Harris stood out. Will my tentative prediction come true? Politico agrees with me. She’s running in front. But then it’s early. Here’s my blog of May 21, 2019:

“I’m not yet prepared to do 23 charts to see who is going to be the Democratic candidate. I thought I would wait. But I’m always tempted so I ran Kamala Harris. Well…

Kamala is a Libra Sun. So we know she has a lethal amount of charm when needed. Her Mercury is in Scorpio which just might work for this potentially nasty presidential race. Her Moon is in Aries, a perfectly acceptable spot. They like to fight much like Scorpio as Aries is ruled by Mars. Her Venus is in Virgo. Mars in Leo — the showbiz sign. That’s a good placement to go up against Trump. Her focal planet is Jupiter which inclines towards cults or cult-like behavior. So yes, this would work.

Kamala is in the positive Jupiter aspect that I’m always talking about — predictive Mars trine predictive Jupiter. Hallelujah! This would make me believe she will get the nomination (without doing the other 22 charts). That and Rachael Maddow/MSNBC is strongly pushing her. But the nomination is not the election. By the election, her aspect is over. However it is not replaced with a negative aspect. Actually that’s exactly the same position Trump finds himself — which would create, astrologically, an even race. So now we look at the fact she is a woman. I am also one so there’s nothing I would like more than a woman president. The question is can she win against Trump. I say no. The Democrats need to run a young, white, hetrosexual man this time so men will vote for him. Sorry, I just don’t believe men are ready for a woman president. Hey, we knew it would be a black man waaaaay before a woman — especially a woman of Indian and Jamaican heritage. Hilary couldn’t beat him. So why would we think this woman can? (Gavin Newsom, Gavin Newsom, Gavin Newsom.)

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Meghan McCain, one of the hosts of The View, is being called by the producers of her show, Manic McCain. I’m a fan and I tune in most days to see hear the women talk about politics. And Meghan, being the most out-spoken Republican, is a big part of that. But I, too, find her abrasive at times. And she interrupts everyone with her brand of my-opinion-is-more-important-than-yours. So will that get her fired as she is also losing the support of the audience.

Meghan is a Scorpio — really really a Scorpio. Pluto is conjunct her Sun (mon dieu! More Scorpio as Pluto rules it) and so are her Mercury and Saturn giving her a stellium in complicated and antagonistic Scorpio. Just don’t mess with Meghan. She will bite you. This is one of the few people that you can barely tell has a Libra, i.e. charming, Moon. It’s in there. And sometimes you see it when she bails herself out of all kinds of missteps. When is it too many?

Currently Meghan is benefiting from predictive Venus conjuncting her predictive Jupiter — you know the one I am talking about! The good one. But it’s over. But unless a negative aspect replaces it, you’re still golden. That same Venus is now sextiling natal Saturn. And her predictive Sun is sitting on her natal Venus. She also has an unusual long term aspect that I still don’t entirely know how to interpret, but these people have something big to offer. It’s predictive Neptune (having gone out of the natal sign) sextile natal Sun. Does Meghan have something to contribute to the Universe. Are there big things in store for her? Because this is an outer planet leaving its sign, she will have it for some time. Let’s keep an eye on Meghan. And, no, she’s not getting fired. Woe to the person who crosses her.

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