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The 91st Academy Awards was last night, and the highlight of the evening for me was Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s duet. Just so perfectly orchestrated. They walked up from the audience to a grand piano and started singing — first standing on the stage and then sitting at the piano together. The twitter-verse lit up! The consensus was they were in love! But are they?

Lady Gaga is an Aries with her Venus there also. Gemini rising is probably the chart placement most likely to lie. That would make show business is the right place for her. Mars is in ambitious Capricorn where it is exalted. She’s passionate to a fault. But is she in love? With herself. In fact the last two boyfriends are questionable with Christian Carino, her agent at CAA, being the latest casualty. Moon in Scorpio,? She’s up to something. She’s just not sharing it with us. Very 8th House/Pluto/Scorpio. Very secretive.

Bradley Cooper is a Capricorn Sun/Mercury/Venus which we know is square to Aries. Not compatible. Strangely he has has predictive Venus conjunct predictive Jupiter. He’s in Jupiter! So he likes his life just fine. And I’m a little surprised he didn’t win something, but he got “A Star is Born” made. Reward in itself?

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Well, it happens. You are a star yourself and you marry an even bigger star, buy a house, (big house), your husband is winning all kinds of awards and then it all falls apart. I don’t remember where it started for Ben Affleck. Was it the drinking? There have always been rumors about gambling. And a nanny maybe? Xtrology has already made the prediction, Ben is in trouble. Is Jennifer?

Jennifer Garner is an Aries Sun/Mercury with a stellium in Gemini: Venus, Mars, Saturn, Moon. So that is Saturn conjunct Moon which is like having a Capricorn Moon. Highly ambitious and despite being ridiculously charming — not all that subtle in getting her way. The question I have is with Ben falling apart and no end in sight, is Jen going to be able to handle this lifestyle all by herself?

Jen currently has predictive Sun conjunct her natal Mars. This is probably the hardest aspect of all. It makes you question your very soul. It is also conjunct her natal Venus so the marriage is kaput. And predictive Venus is square natal Mercury. Poof! Yes, she’s being challenged on the highest level to keep it together. This is not what she signed up for. This is a tough prediction, but with transiting Pluto, the planet of death in the 7th House of Relationships, she could lose her ex-husband. It’s possible. But in any case, she is up against it. Also in the future predictive Mars square Uranus. Utmost care needed here.

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I was watching Meghan Markle’s shower yesterday and thinking at how many of those I’ve been to. Surprisingly they aren’t that much fun. It’s a bunch of people — most of whom you do not know. And often you’re invited because the mom-to-be needs people. She doesn’t have that many close friends and you fit the profile. You get there and it’s overly organized and structured. You just do what they tell you to. And then the presents are opened (although apparently Meghan’s weren’t) and then you leave.

So if you recall, Meghan is a Leo. You just can’t ask a Leo to tone it down. Leos are showy. They like a display. A little known fact about Leos is that it’s all about the money. Again, it’s who they are. If you want Kate, get a Capricorn. Meghan has a Libra Moon so she is charming. It’s such a shame she is getting so much criticism, because what has she done to deserve it? Well, there’s that. But lately? I didn’t remember this, but with Saturn conjunct the Moon, it’s the same as also having a Capricorn Moon. So Meghan has her own demons. Jupiter is conjunct, too — pushing that over-the-top.

This is a great time in her life with predictive Mars sextiling Jupiter/Saturn/Moon. It won’t be this good again. Let the girl have fun.

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I’ve been watching Priyanka Chopra getting married to Nick Jonas in what appears to be the biggest publicity stunt in Hollywood. So how much of this is real? Because it doesn’t seem all real to me.

Priyanka is a Cancer Sun/Mercury. She’s sensitive. Family is important to her. But and there’s a big one, she has Scorpio rising — a red flag and Mars in Libra conjunct Pluto and Saturn– another red flag. It doesn’t help that her Moon is in Gemini along with her Venus. Air signs can be cold even when there are water signs like Cancer involved. Okay she’s beautiful. But boy is she a handful. This is someone you would expect to want to have their way all the time.

Whoa! Interesting! Priyanka is in a mini-Jupiter period because it’s her predictive Moon that is making the aspect to Jupiter. In her case, because it is conjuncting her predictive and then natal Jupiter, it will be six months. But underneath this is predictive Mercury (publicity) square natal Neptune (lies), and predictive Sun square Uranus both predictive and natal. I’d say there is a good chance this all comes crashing down. She gets exposed for this being more about Hollywood and less about love. Summer.

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Liam Neeson (while doing publicity for “Cold Pursuit) recently recounted a story where he looked for a black man to hurt due to a friend of his being raped by a black man. It was many years ago and he realized his stupid thinking. He was contrite. And I wondered? Had this been another time, would this even have been an issue. No!

Liam Neeson is a Gemini with his Mercury/Venus there also. Moon in Sagittarius. Surprised we haven’t heard from him sooner. They can’t shut up. Mars in Scorpio. Easily triggered temper. Uranus is his focal planet. What’s going on is that his progressed Mercury is conjunct his Pluto, a malefic planet. How easy for him to know that now is not the ideal time to share this story if he had just checked with Xtrology. This is getting way too much press for what it is. It’s really a non-story. Nothing happened. Will his career be halted do to his bad judgement? No. This is bad timing. The story itself has no legs. But again, not the best time to be sharing — particularly this kind of a story — no matter how much you realize your error.

Did anyone else understand that this story was simply a result of bad timing? Did you realize that he’s getting beaten up for saying he’s sorry?

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September 18, 2018, Xtrology pointed out accurately that Justin’s real reason for marriage to Hailey was to get closer to God. This marriage is not about love or sex, but fixing a problem. It was reported today they didn’t have sex before marrying. But, you know, good for him for trying.

“Justin, Justin, Justin. We need to talk. I get the urge to get away from Selena and the drugs. I get the utter desperation that is currently your life. I get picking a girl from a religious family hoping that will rub off and you’ll be back to your roots. But that’s not how it works. How many times have we been told that the other person doesn’t fix you. If Justin was brought up in such, and he was, a religious family, huh Patty? why is it letting him down down now? Shouldn’t he be asking God for help and not, I can hardly say this without laughing, Hailey Baldwin?

This marriage is doomed from every point of view. But let’s start with astrology. Justin is a Pisces, the sign associated with a proclivity for drugs. Hailey is a Sagittarius. They are square in the Universe. Square is coming from two very different perspectives that don’t speak the same language and consequently don’t really like each other all that much. And definitely don’t get along on a long term basis. Yes, you can be friends with a square, but do not marry one.

Also there is no love in Justin’s chart. Exactly the opposite. Venus square (there it is again) Neptune (drugs, delusion). He’s on yet another drug. Another kind of drug. Hailey has Venus sextile Neptune. She’s in love. They don’t belong together and he isn’t in love with her. He’s looking for her to save him, and she doesn’t know how to save herself. Don’t you just wish.

We all fantasize about a celebrity falling for us, but here is what happens most of the time. Fairy tales are called that for a reason. You don’t look for people for convenience. She’s a pretty girl. I hope this doesn’t ruin her. As for Justin, I’ve given him advice before. I told him to go to college. He didn’t listen.

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Would you believe that a man brilliant enough to become the richest man in the world is going down over a Hollywood bimbo? No? Well, the answer is yes. There are always periods of time of vulnerability that show in your astrology chart. For everyone. Apparently he was sending texts and emails that got out and are ending his marriage. Over a bimbo’s texts and emails? This man is way too brilliant to be allowing this to happen? Are business smarts and relationships smarts the same thing?

Jeff Bezos is a Capricorn with Mercury and Mars there. His Venus is in the non-trusting sign of Aquarius with Saturn conjunct. His Moon is in Sagittarius. Since he has no focal planets, he has squares. And his are from Jupiter, the relating planet, to his Capricorn planets. So he reads signals wrong. He is much more confident in the world of finance, not in one-to-one.

This girl, Lauren Sanchez, is the wrong person for him. I haven’t looked at her chart. I’m looking at his. He currently has predictive Mars and Mercury conjunct. His reputation is taking a big hit. Predictive Mars is also opposition to his Pluto. Something is dying. Probably a perfectly good relationship. I see no love aspects. This is power. This is ego. You know I’m not a big transit person, but transiting Pluto is exactly sitting on his Sun. More death — possibly of a way of life. He is going to regret this decision. It’s from pure ego. Beware your ego. Nothing good comes of it.

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YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! Check out Xtrology for (NOT EVEN THE LASTEST BEFORE THE LATEST) the latest information on celebrities. From XTROLOGY BLOG 11/29/2018:

“No, really. I don’t make this stuff up. Wendy Williams has a Scorpio Moon. It’s trending. I can’t stop it. This is seriously one of the worst things a person can have in a chart. It’s just difficult to the max to navigate. And for Wendy, a former crack addict, it’s hell, literally.

She’s in trouble. Recently we found out that her husband who works on her show is seeing a younger woman who lives down the street. Then, which happened first? Wendy lost a ton of weight and fainted on air. So what do we think Wendy is up to?

Here’s what I know for sure. She just had predictive Mars conjunct her natal Sun. Remember that this causes you to question everything about yourself. It’s over, but predictive Mercury opposition Saturn isn’t. Wendy also has a Venus/Mars conjunction natally and both planets are focal planets — not loving yourself and being a bulldozer. And this surprises me, but Mercury, verbally abusive, is also a focal planet. She’s no picnic to be around. And right now, she’s impossible. Coming up is a positive Jupiter aspect, but she has to get there. Wendy, babe, rehab. Immediately. No time to waste.”

My new January 21st opinion. She’s in rehab. She absolutely has a chance. We’re rooting for you, Wendy. Everyone has a slip. You’re going to be okay, because you admitted your mistake and you’re getting help. You’re going to make it. We support you!!!

(For those studying astrology. We’re not psychic. In astrology, you have free will and you can make decisions. Psychic doesn’t work. I’ve been in that community many, many years. Doesn’t work.)

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Howard Stern does not have a Scorpio Moon. And can’t you see it? He’s somewhat fatherly with a dirty twist, but, well, that’s men. Don’t you see the difference that he is not ruled by jealousy and passion? Howard Stern? Never. We count on him to tell us what’s real, again from his point of view. That’s earth. And mix it with water and this is what you get. Seven out of ten planets. Two in air and Gemini rising — that’s why he’s so smart. And one in fire. Howard virtually has no fire. So he’s not fun like you think of it. He has his own special kind of fun which is unusual and worth listening to — even if it makes you crazy sometimes.

Apparently he recently has admitted he’s not a joy to be around and his wife, Beth, says he complains all the time. Well, yes. Earth and Water. Where’s the fun? Believe me he has it but it’s his fun and maybe not as fun for her. So people are saying they might split. I’m not doing Beth’ chart, but they’re just fine. She accepted his idiosyncrasies long ago.

He recently had predictive Jupiter opposition predictive Mars, predictive Mercury sextile Moon and predictive Venus inconjunct Saturn and predictive Sun inconjunct Neptune. So he wasn’t in such a good mood. But all of these have passed. At his age, he’s lucky if he dodged any medical problems. Hey, you can live with cranky. And if you have a partner who is unusually hard to get along with, it could just be the cycle he’s in or he could have a medical problem. Before getting angry with someone, check the circumstances. Not everything is about you.

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Admittedly I have very little intuition. But I saw this coming. This girl has trouble ahead. And you can see her just pushing boundaries she hasn’t even fully established. The future is precarious.

Tiffany Haddish is a Sagittarius with her Neptune and Venus conjunct. Neptune conjunct makes her a little bit Pisces. And prone to the allure of drugs and booze. On New Year’s Eve, she had a big venue and basically just fucked it up — big time. People are being nice and saying she will recover. She just let the prospect of hosting the Oscars go. Does that sound like she’s going to get it together?

Currently Tiffany has predictive Sun square Pluto. She’s in trouble. She has no time and no business screwing up. There are not that many more chances. I think she needs to get to a rehab and right away — almost before people know she’s gone. The days ahead are going to be hard. This is just starting and will last for two years. So there’s no wishing it away. Pluto can kill you literally or figurative. This sounds a little harsh, but I believe her career could be over.

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