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I’m not yet prepared to do 23 charts to see who is going to be the Democratic candidate. I thought I would wait. But I’m always tempted so I ran Kamala Harris. Well…

Kamala is a Libra Sun. So we know she has a lethal amount of charm when needed. Her Mercury is in Scorpio which just might work for this potentially nasty presidential race. Her Moon is in Aries, a perfectly acceptable spot. They like to fight much like Scorpio as Aries is ruled by Mars. Her Venus is in Virgo. Mars in Leo — the showbiz sign. That’s a good placement to go up against Trump. Her focal planet is Jupiter which inclines towards cults or cult-like behavior. So yes, this would work.

Kamala is in the positive Jupiter aspect that I’m always talking about — predictive Mars trine predictive Jupiter. Hallelujah! This would make me believe she will get the nomination (without doing the other 22 charts). That and Rachael Maddow/MSNBC is strongly pushing her. But the nomination is not the election. By the election, her aspect is over. However it is not replaced with a negative aspect. Actually that’s exactly the same position Trump finds himself — which would create, astrologically, an even race. So now we look at the fact she is a woman. I am also one so there’s nothing I would like more than a woman president. The question is can she win against Trump. I say no. The Democrats need to run a young, white, hetrosexual man this time so men will vote for him. Sorry, I just don’t believe men are ready for a woman president. Hey, we knew it would be a black man waaaaay before a woman — especially a woman of Indian and Jamaican heritage. Hilary couldn’t beat him. So why would we think this woman can? (Gavin Newsom, Gavin Newsom, Gavin Newsom.)

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