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I don’t mind a little fake. But fakey fakey and you lose me. Marie Osmond is the new host of THE TALK. I like her. How could you not? But do I want her giving me advice?

Marie is a Libra with her Mars in Libra! Oh no. We know that this is a red flag. Mars does not like being in this sign, and it causes a passive/aggressive nature which translates to hidden anger — serious anger, but in the guise of something else entirely. Her Moon is in the very compassionate sign of Pisces. And her Venus is in Virgo. Nothing wrong with that. With a focal planet of Jupiter, cult-like behavior suits her.

Currently Marie has predictive Mars squaring natal Pluto that is ending. That is a seriously negative aspect. Often a person in your life dies or at the very least a way of life does. I believe Donnie and Marie are ending their residency in Las Vegas, but this aspect would cause that to be more negative than is being reported. Then this same Mars squares her natal Venus. It’s a troubled period of time for her where her husband or her family is at odds. Are she and her brother squabbling? We can watch. Will she be honest as a commentator and host? Doubtful.

To me she’s no Julie Chen who I still miss and am still incredibly disappointed in. Do you want advice from Marie Osmond who has lived in a bubble most of her life (not that Xtrology is against bubbles if you know what I mean)? And should you take advice from a Mars in Libra or the 7th House person? Just no. It is not their natural inclination to help you or to be forthright about their own life situation. Add to that a ton of make-up, plastic surgery and hair extensions and very negative astrological aspects. Wrong person for the job.

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