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Celebrity gossip, of course Xtrology is not that, is saying that Britney Spears stopped taking her bi-polar medication. She’s flipping out. I wanted to see if that is supported by her astrology chart. And I am a little surprised by what I see.

Britney is a Sagittarius Sun/Mercury/Uranus/Neptune so that is a stellium. Important because it reinforces how Sadge she is. She does not have focal planets so she has squares. Mars in Virgo squares all her Sagittarius planets. So one would think Britney has a lot of anger issues. But I don’t see too much of that. Is she hiding it from us? Can she be a pill in private? She does have one debilitated personal planet, Mercury in Sagittarius, in its detriment. Again, I don’t see this in her public persona. We all love Britney, right? She seems like a really nice girl. But is she emotionally challenged? Is there a side we don’t see?

I’m inclined to believe she does take medication and needs it. And she’s been doing quite well for a long time now. But her astrology chart has predictive Sun square Saturn just starting. And if she’s like me, I never miss the joy of a negative aspect! Ha! So does this tell me Britney is crazy? It doesn’t. But a square is the worst angle and Saturn is your health. This could be the way this is playing itself out. It could absolutely. You must give astrology a wide birth. It is just pointing to the type of energy surrounding you. So I am worried about her. Serious stuff. And it is in play for two long years.

Britney’s in a bit of trouble here. She needs support. I hope she’s getting it from her friends and family. Her mother, Lynn, has “liked” comments on social media that say she is being held captive. I do not think this is true from her aspects. But I won’t rule it out either. Saturn is restrictive. So maybe, but I’m more concerned about her overall health, mental or otherwise. Saturn is also the father? Yes, it could be. No, I don’t think it is. How’s that for being definitive?

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UPDATE: May 13, 2019. Britney testified in court last week that she was committed to a mental institution against her will and forced to take medication.

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