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We know that Kim Kardashian is in one of the all time best astrology cycles in human history. So many people have said to me, “When will it be over?” And so many times I have said, “Not forever.” Well, forever is 2033. The party stops. But now, it’s still going on.

Kim has recently told us she is studying to be a lawyer. Not going to law school exactly, but something where she gets sponsored and takes the bar. Whatever. I took the LSATS and was really pretty hot on being Alicia Florrick (in my dreams). The law is difficult. And I ultimately wondered if I could handle all the work. Instead, here I am, an astrologer. I know. It’s a little hard to follow.

Kim is a Libra with Pluto and Saturn conjunct. So she’s strong. Her rising sign appears to be Sagittarius along with her Mars and Sadge rules the law. So, yes, being a lawyer totally suits her. Even being a Libra, she’s someone who looks for justice. Mars as a focal planet makes her really determined, but Neptune is also. And, I think, we see much more of that Pisces influence where she’s sees things the way she wants and reality is simply a nuisance.

So can she be a lawyer? Absolutely yes. Will she be a lawyer? Nope. I just don’t see her going through the painstaking learning curve. This is where Jupiter can be a hindrance. It makes your life easy. And why would you want to do grueling work when you made it to the top without it? Sure, she works. But what she does is mostly attention getting. Without even being critical, why would she spend day after day learning the legal system when she could be looking in the mirror?

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