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Don’t you wonder if he did it? Jussie Smollett, an actor working on Empire reported that he was a victim of a hate crime — actually a fairly elaborate hate crime. And then it was determined he orchestrated it to further his aspirations either in his salary negotiations or possibly just fame in general. Well he accomplished the later, but his reputation is damaged.

Today it was announced that all charges have been dropped. Jussie claims he is innocent despite the fact that friends of his were implicated. Rohm Emanuel, the Chicago mayor, said it was a “whitewash of justice.” Who is telling the truth?

Jussie is a Gemini with his Mercury/Moon and rising sign in Gemini. This makes both the negative qualities and positive qualities show up in a big way. Gemini? Their weakness is that they lie. Anytime this 3rd House ruler is involved, you have to take that into consideration. It’s their nature. Remember the story about the Scorpion. Well Scorpio stings and Gemini prevaricates.

Currently Jussie has predictive Venus square Mars. This is a serious aspect. I’m surprised he got off. But he didn’t really. Crime doesn’t pay. At least not when you’re in bad aspects. What will happen? It could be his career. This may be the end of it. He would have been better off if going to jail and paying his dues. Hollywood likes that. They don’t like this.

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