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I wrote this blog, I’m not sure when, and forgot to publish it. But it’s relevant today since narcissist Johnny Depp, now completely established, has sued Amber Heard for $50 million. They don’t stop. This is called hoovering.

“This controversy isn’t going away — I’m talking about the one between Johnny Depp and his wife, Amber Heard. She’s accusing him of abuse. He’s accusing her of making the whole thing up. It’s getting really nasty. So who is lying?

Johnny, as I mentioned in a former post, has a Capricorn Moon. Just to clarify further. I have a client who is overweight, penniless and wheelchair bound, and she could roll into the White House and charm the socks off Obama. Capricorn has the ability to captivate. Capricorn rules the 10th House of Career. Capricorn is ambitious like no other sign. Libra is also extremely likeable, but not in the same arm-twisting you-will-believe-what-I’m saying way. And unlike Libra, who is better known for a passive/aggressive style, Capricorn Moon is downright mean at times. It is a debilitated position. It is in its detriment. To quote an ancient astrology book, “…the qualities that go to make up a social human being, happily adjusted to the life, are completely absent.” Keep in mind, one has free will. This won’t apply to everyone. It’s still a choice.

And here’s a combination I’ve noticed that holds no real compunction when it comes to destroying another person — the personal planet Mars conjunct two or more outer malefic planets. In Johnny’s case this is Pluto and Uranus. And these three planets also square his Sun in Gemini which adds to their inability to operate in a positive manner. And then there is Gemini itself as a Sun sign. Gemini is known to have the ability to lie as well as Pisces. But, again, Pisces is more of the fantasy lie — the believing their own publicity. His natal Mercury/Venus in the sign of Taurus is opposition his Neptune.

Amber has two focal planets. Her Mars (in the highly ambitious sign of Capricorn where it is also exalted) is conjunct Neptune and it does square Mercury and her Moon. Mars as a focal planet is extremely willful. So she could be lying. In fact they both could be. Neptune as a focal planet could exaggerate (being the ruling planet of Pisces) her position. Her Moon, however, is in Libra. As a rule, they will seduce you to death. Rarely do they look for a confrontation.

I’m sorry to have to say it, because I think we all love Johnny Depp, but it really looks like he has met his match. And the woman, who will in fact, take him down. It’s going to be difficult to forget these allegations. It’s always during the bad aspects that the truth comes out.

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