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Whoopie Goldberg one of the hosts of The View is mysteriously missing from her show for many weeks now. I’m getting suspicious. What is really going on? Is this illness more serious than is being reported?

Whoopie is a triple Scorpio with Sun/Moon/Saturn there. Having Saturn conjunct your Moon, as you may recall, is like having a Capricorn Moon. So this gives her a Moon that’s Scorpio and Capricorn — the two worst signs for the Moon to be in. And yet, I only know her to be an amazing person. No ugly Hollywood gossip about her. Also her natal Jupiter and Pluto square all these Scorpio planets. It’s a recipe for disaster and yet is it? It could be that the public just doesn’t know. But she’s been around forever and a bad rep doesn’t follow her. You do have free will. Your astrology chart only determines what you are inclined to be. And what most people will be. But it’s still always up to you.

Currently Whoopie has some pretty nasty aspects. Her predictive Mars is just leaving it’s conjunction with Saturn. The definition of this in older astrology books is ruination. And with this, she has predictive Mercury square natal Moon. She’s probably not in good shape emotionally or mentally. So shout out to her! Get well soon. The first aspect is passing — leaving you the energy to overcome the second. Trials and tribulations. We all get them. Be healthy, girlfriend.

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