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Do you like her? Alexandra Ocasio Cortez is definitely different. And that would be why? A Grand Square. Strangely these don’t happen that often in astrology charts. It’s when four (minimum) planets are at a 90 degree angle to each other — the four corners — doesn’t matter what sign or house. So for AOC, it’s Her Sun/Mercury/Mars in Libra opposition her Aries Moon and square to Uranus, Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra. That’s all the Cardinal/leadership planets. All are focal planets. This means don’t mess with her. Everyday all day, she deals with conflicting emotions. She’s rarely ever comfortable or relaxed. She’s decided to channel it into making a difference. No apologies.

As a triple Libra, you would not expect this unusual woman, so this is why the entire chart is in play. Libra makes her charming — all the better to get her message across. And just to remind you: The Sun as a focal planet — all about me, the Moon — overly sensitive feelings, Mercury — verbally abusive, Mars — a bulldozer, Jupiter — relates to people in a unique way, Uranus — up for the highly unusual, Saturn — overly ambitious, and Neptune — slightly out-of-touch with the reality of it all. She get it done. Nothing will stop her.

Her current predictions are only predictive Sun conjunct Mercury. I don’t think this chart is dynamic enough to make her president. But I am hoping she can get something done.

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