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If a client walked into my office and gave me this chart for a significant other, I would say, “Walk away.” Harvey Weinstein has four red flags: A Grand Square, six focal planets, Scorpio rising and a Capricorn Moon. Just no to this guy.

Harvey actually is a Pisces, one of the kindest signs in the zodiac with Venus in Pisces where it is exalted. There has to be some compassion in there, but I would imagine it is limited to possibly his children, because there is so much bad before you get to the good. This truly is the chart of a monster. The Grand Square: Moon — overly sensitive in a highly negative manner, Mercury – verbally abusive, Jupiter — ability to follow with a cult-like loyalty, Saturn — overly ambitious, Uranus — craziness is normal, Neptune — lies and lack of reality no problem. And keep in mind, six focal planets is, just by itself, a sign the person is emotionally unstable. Six focal planet people are Charlie Sheen crazy without all the other flaws. Scorpio rising. Scary. Capricorn Moon. In its detriment. Should this guy be locked up? Yes, he needs to be away from humanity. Everyone in his sphere has been abused. Everyone.

I truly question his wife, Georgina Chapman (Marchesa, her clothing company) who has benefited from his influence and money. And she is Julie Chen despicable, but remember that they are people and what horror of a childhood drove them to these men — men who abuse women. Very hard to wrap your head around.

Currently Harvey is charged with “rape, criminal sex act, sex abuse and sexual misconduct for incidents involving two separate women.” He has an ankle bracelet and is awaiting trial. His chart shows that he has predictive Sun square Venus so there is no love lost among his family. Predictive Mercury opposition Mars is your reputation and your life crashing down. I had hoped to see worse. But this should bring his reign of terror to a close and be yet another victory for the #Metoo movement and the growing possibility that women will find relief from predatory men.

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