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I was watching Meghan Markle’s shower yesterday and thinking at how many of those I’ve been to. Surprisingly they aren’t that much fun. It’s a bunch of people — most of whom you do not know. And often you’re invited because the mom-to-be needs people. She doesn’t have that many close friends and you fit the profile. You get there and it’s overly organized and structured. You just do what they tell you to. And then the presents are opened (although apparently Meghan’s weren’t) and then you leave.

So if you recall, Meghan is a Leo. You just can’t ask a Leo to tone it down. Leos are showy. They like a display. A little known fact about Leos is that it’s all about the money. Again, it’s who they are. If you want Kate, get a Capricorn. Meghan has a Libra Moon so she is charming. It’s such a shame she is getting so much criticism, because what has she done to deserve it? Well, there’s that. But lately? I didn’t remember this, but with Saturn conjunct the Moon, it’s the same as also having a Capricorn Moon. So Meghan has her own demons. Jupiter is conjunct, too — pushing that over-the-top.

This is a great time in her life with predictive Mars sextiling Jupiter/Saturn/Moon. It won’t be this good again. Let the girl have fun.

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