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Liam Neeson (while doing publicity for “Cold Pursuit) recently recounted a story where he looked for a black man to hurt due to a friend of his being raped by a black man. It was many years ago and he realized his stupid thinking. He was contrite. And I wondered? Had this been another time, would this even have been an issue. No!

Liam Neeson is a Gemini with his Mercury/Venus there also. Moon in Sagittarius. Surprised we haven’t heard from him sooner. They can’t shut up. Mars in Scorpio. Easily triggered temper. Uranus is his focal planet. What’s going on is that his progressed Mercury is conjunct his Pluto, a malefic planet. How easy for him to know that now is not the ideal time to share this story if he had just checked with Xtrology. This is getting way too much press for what it is. It’s really a non-story. Nothing happened. Will his career be halted do to his bad judgement? No. This is bad timing. The story itself has no legs. But again, not the best time to be sharing — particularly this kind of a story — no matter how much you realize your error.

Did anyone else understand that this story was simply a result of bad timing? Did you realize that he’s getting beaten up for saying he’s sorry?

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