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Would you believe that a man brilliant enough to become the richest man in the world is going down over a Hollywood bimbo? No? Well, the answer is yes. There are always periods of time of vulnerability that show in your astrology chart. For everyone. Apparently he was sending texts and emails that got out and are ending his marriage. Over a bimbo’s texts and emails? This man is way too brilliant to be allowing this to happen? Are business smarts and relationships smarts the same thing?

Jeff Bezos is a Capricorn with Mercury and Mars there. His Venus is in the non-trusting sign of Aquarius with Saturn conjunct. His Moon is in Sagittarius. Since he has no focal planets, he has squares. And his are from Jupiter, the relating planet, to his Capricorn planets. So he reads signals wrong. He is much more confident in the world of finance, not in one-to-one.

This girl, Lauren Sanchez, is the wrong person for him. I haven’t looked at her chart. I’m looking at his. He currently has predictive Mars and Mercury conjunct. His reputation is taking a big hit. Predictive Mars is also opposition to his Pluto. Something is dying. Probably a perfectly good relationship. I see no love aspects. This is power. This is ego. You know I’m not a big transit person, but transiting Pluto is exactly sitting on his Sun. More death — possibly of a way of life. He is going to regret this decision. It’s from pure ego. Beware your ego. Nothing good comes of it.

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