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I’m on a rant about this lately because I think people are using being politically correct to censor. Criticism is a very important part of the political process. Someone says something and you disagree. You may punish the person by not talking to them again or by not watching their show, but you do not unilaterally decide they are wrong. Because it just as important why they think what they do as what they said. Was it just naive? Or is it ugly? I want to ask her. I want her to feel free to tell the truth.

Megan apparently said on her show that when she was a kid, it was common to darken your face for a Halloween costume. That’s all I can find. But is that in itself racism? Or did she say more, because I can’t find it. It’s a costume. And it did happen. And I wouldn’t pick it, but, well, I can imagine an instance where it isn’t racist at all. And then I can totally understand why someone would think it is. But that’s what I mean. Let’s talk about it. Worse things happened. And we’re not still doing it. Isn’t that just part of our history — and talking about it keeps us from repeating it? I just don’t want to see corporations deciding, because behind corporations is always money. I’m back to saying this is censorship just like cancelling Roseanne was. And both are NBC which just fired a predator, Les Moonves.

But we’re here about astrology. What happened to Megyn’s fortunate Jupiter chart that allowed this to happen? This is classic. Really good for anyone studying astrology. Positive Jupiter, which was protecting her, was exactly over October 25th, 2018. Jupiter 28 Scorpio 38 and Venus 29 Scorpio 38. Exactly one degree past which allows for the predictive Mercury square Pluto (which had been there for three years) to kick in as Jupiter was no longer there to protect. Mercury is your reputation. So all the things she had said — added up. And while I don’t agree to the severity, it’s the reason all things don’t make sense. It’s astrology. And you may not like it, but you can’t argue with it. And sometimes you need to shut up, because you can’t get away with nothin’.

Sorry Megyn, you need an astrologer. That’s why everyone does. Many times clients come in and not much is going on, but when something is, you need that knowledge ahead of time — especially if your $69 million job depends on it. I hear Megyn’s trying to get the entire amount paid out and that she has some blackmail. This isn’t the best time. It would have been much smarter to leave while still in Jupiter. Her bargaining power would have been much stronger. Let’s see if Fox takes her back. If I were her, I would be worried. She’s no longer The Golden Child. Been there. One day you’re in, the next you’re out.

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