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Crazy right? Kanye at the White House using foul language? Just wrong. Let’s show some respect for the office if that is still possible.

So what’s up with him? Because you have to wonder. His predictive chart — not so bad. And remember Kavanaugh’s wasn’t — so nothing happened. But I’m looking somewhere else for Kanye — his transits. Normally, as you know, I don’t. Transits are for amateurs. But this time something big has happened. Uranus changed signs — which it only does every eight years or so as there are retrogrades that slow it down and cause it to go back or back into the former sign. And even then it would only be an event if that retrograde landed on one of Kanye’s planets. It does. It’s his Venus — his romantic life. Uranus is traditionally the divorce planet.

So this is how astrology works. You have a situation where the partner is acting up — in a way that would make you question your relationship. And then you have Uranus changing signs to conjunct natal Venus. Remember that Kim is operating under one of the longest positive Jupiter aspects that we have ever seen in our lifetimes. So her life just continues to go well. She isn’t dealing with the ups and downs that plaque most of us. So we’re not going to look to her. We’re going to stay with Kanye and the fact that he has DIVORCE written all over him.

Uranus will retrograde early November and not return to Taurus (where his Venus is) until March of next year. So this may take a little bit of time and then it may not. Kim can act on it now or wait. That’s free will. Astrology is simply the nature of the energy around you. And as I said, it’s changing. But Kanye needs to get himself ready. All this craziness isn’t helping but this astrology aspect was going to happen anyway. I think Kim wanted to have her kids with one man. In my mind, that’s how she thinks. And she’s finished now so Kanye is disposable. It’s the brand, you know.

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