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I’m not a huge fan of Taylor Swift who won several awards at the AMA’s last night including Artist of the Year. In fact I’ve always been a little skeptical. She seems like the epitome of superficial. Today she has made a commitment to her politics. I understand this perfectly. I, too, thought I would just dodge having any opinion, because I didn’t want to alienate any of my readers. And then comes the moment you can’t ignore it any longer. I don’t think this was orchestrated. I don’t think she knew her predictive Sun changed signs to Aquarius. It’s not a coincidence. Aquarius is the most humanitarian of all the signs. And put Sagittarius, her natal Sun, the truth seeker, with Uranus’ ruler and you have the political powerhouse that is now Taylor Swift.

Her message is that everyone needs to vote.

Natal Neptune is conjunct her natal Sun (Pisces) so another push toward the side of compassion. You really cannot beat a Sadge/Aquarius/Pisces combo. Her Moon is in Libra so this is why we see her not wanting to get involved. Libra just wants to get along with everyone. So, again, she’s not kidding. She’s stepping out of her comfort zone.

Taylor has no focal planets (because she has no oppositions). But this leaves her with a lot of squares coming from her Virgo stellium. So she’s more complex than she appears. Currently she has no big astrological aspects, but she’s moving toward predictive Mars trine Venus so you may see her also making a surprising love declaration. She’s getting braver and wiser. And astrology is pushing her forward. If you don’t feel ready to step out now, the right time will come when it feels absolutely perfect.

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