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In today’s world, you would not say that Susan Collins is old. However based on her astrology chart and her 45 minute give-me-a-break-boring speech, she is likely not well. Today Susan Collins, Senator from Maine, made the deciding vote that predator and probably still drunk, Brett Kavanaugh, will sit on the Supreme Court. I’ll bet some of the latest pervs, Louis C.K., Les Moonves & his complicit wife Julie Chen, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, etc. do not agree with her. Pervs don’t necessarily hang together. But here is the problem. Once you go down the dark path, you line up with them like it or not. You’re cut from the same evil cloth. Nobody wants to hear from you.

Susan Collins is a Sagittarius so her speech today sounded thoughtful and truthful. However, her astrology chart shows us something else is up. We can’t know exactly what. I can guess (predict) but so can you once I tell you what it says. Her predictive Sun is opposition her predictive and natal Pluto (because it moves so slowly). Pluto is the underworld. Pluto rules evil — not in all instances because there are good aspects to it, but always keep your eye on Pluto/Scorpio/the 8th House. We don’t know the houses because we don’t have the time. Her Mercury is going to change signs and square her natal Mercury. This may not be over. There may be more “gossip” regarding her. She still may have more to account for or as mentioned in the opening, she may be sick. She’s not that old at 65, but she acts like she’s carved from stone. I know that posture, it’s illness. She’s not flexible. I was recently sick. I know the signals she’s sending out. She can’t move — as it was for me when I was not feeling well. I could talk. I could carry on, but I wasn’t doing any dancing around. When I say old hag, I mean that’s how she feels and looks. And just wondering, did that have any influence on her decision?

I hate to say it, because I’m not that young myself, but let’s get rid of these old fossils in congress. We need a breath of fresh air. I would feel so much better about this decision if I knew that someone who had the will to fight had made it. Susan Collins looks to me like she’s given up. And that’s how you feel when you’re ill. Old. Tired. Over it.

Vote in November for people that have the desire to carry on the fight. Get rid of this has-been congress. Fresh air. We’re suffocating.

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