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I’m really reluctant to blog this because I’m so bored with this man, the Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Clearly he’s a perv. But it isn’t just what he did to Christine Blasey Ford or the new woman, it’s that he’s such a deviant that it can’t be a secret. Washington knows. And don’t forget he’s currently a judge.

But let’s look at what makes him who he is. He’s an Aquarius with Mercury/Venus there. I’ve dated so many of these men that I will share the Aquarius secret with you. If Venus is also in Aquarius, it’s too much. Aquarius is the coldest sign in the zodiac. They are also extremely humanitarian, and overall I am a huge fan. But with Venus there, it’s too much. Your Venus is almost always in your sign or the one in front or behind. So what you want is Venus in Pisces where it is exalted. And if you don’t get that, they can ghost you effortlessly. Chilly to the max.

But that doesn’t make for a predator. It’s the fact that his natal Neptune squares his Aquarius planets especially the Sun and Mercury. He’s a liar. Integrity is not his strong point. Also his focal planets are the Sun, center of the Universe, Mercury, verbally abusive and Venus, nobody loves me. Jupiter, also a part that T-square, shows he can’t relate to other people and their feelings. All in all, he’s a terrible person. He only enjoys sex when it’s at someone else’s expense.

His predictive aspects are Mercury (reputation) inconjunct Neptune (lying) and Mars (energy) inconjunct Venus (people he loves). Not that bad a chart for all that he’s going through. I think his reputation is history. He’s outed in my mind. But his aspects show, it isn’t bothering him that much. He doesn’t care. It’s an inconvenience, but he still sleeps at night. He’s that kind of guy. Will he lose the nomination? I can’t see how he won’t. But, seriously, Clarence Thomas didn’t. And the thing that most disturbs me? If he is replaced, will the next person be just as bad or worse?

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