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I had a little girl show up yesterday who was training for the Olympics and a victim of Larry Nassar. How do these young women navigate what so many adult woman cannot and should not. The adults are falling apart over sexual harassment, and children continue — not without legendary suffering, however. But, seriously, how do they do it?

I’m one of the people who believe we will be a matriarchy in the future and I thought it was depressing to think that woman would run the world. It’s not the natural order. And it would screw up everything especially from a sexual perspective. But now after listening to the above story and reading Linda Bloodworth Thompson’s account of Les Moonves in “Celebitchy.” I’m done. Women are taking over and we cannot do a worse job.

Julie Chen was another of my girl crushes, I have a few, and they are always woman who are super classy. I almost cannot look at her now. I assume her career along with that of her pariah husband, Les Moonves, is dead. They are enormously wealthy. Isn’t that the reward for that kind of behavior? And like so many other people I am reading on the blogs, don’t tell me she didn’t know and isn’t complicit.

The puzzles are coming together. We’re realizing the wealth and power that we’re all so jealous of has a price and it’s your soul. So if you’re sitting in your little office or house and just scraping by, well, let me ask you. Do you want to be part of what these people stand for? The answer is no because you’re not. You haven’t sold out. And you could have. We all could have, but some of us didn’t. We haven’t indirectly or directly hurt another woman (or man) to get ahead. We didn’t marry a monster.

Speaking of which: Les Moonves is a triple Libra with Sun/Neptune/Mercury there. He also has the dreaded (you could even say evil) 6-headed focal planet configuration which is the result of a Grand Square. Sun, he truly believes the Universe revolves around him, Neptune, what he believes should be considered by everyone as truth, Mercury, verbally abusive, Jupiter, a need to acquire wealth, Venus, nobody really loves me so why should I care about anyone else, and Uranus, I have no friends, because I’m larger than that. Friends are tools.

If you think for one minute that Julie Chen didn’t suffer with every breath she took to look like she “had it all,” you couldn’t be more mistaken. This is pay for hire. And she’s not the only woman being outed. There’s Weinstein’s wife, Charlie Rose’s, Matt Lauer. These women in their own way abused other women. From carrying handbags worth thousands of dollars to literally turning their heads. Let’s speak the truth. Woman are abusing other woman. I’m mad. Be mad with me. If you relate to what I am saying, send a copy of this blog to a friend. Don’t let this movement for justice end. It’s just getting started. We have a long way to go.

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