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I’ve watched “Shameless” from the beginning. I’ve never understood my attraction to it except that it is so well done and the acting makes one really appreciate good actors. Love, love, love Bill Macy, well, all of them really. But especially Fiona who keeps this south Philly family together.

Emmy Rossum is a Virgo with Mercury there. Most notably she has Moon, Mars and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. So here’s that Moon in Cap again. But hers is toned down with the strong influence of Aries (ruler of Mars) and Pisces (ruler of Neptune). Her focal planets are Saturn (ambition and she has Mars in Capricorn also) and Uranus. This answers one of my biggest questions. Why go from Broadway, “The Phantom of the Opera” to peeing on camera? She’s eclectic. She’s unusual. She’s a risk taker. And it’s really paid off in the body of her work and the respect of the industry.

However, this would not be the time to expand that portfolio. And there’s no way of knowing this unless you have your chart done. Seriously. She doesn’t know that her future hold two Mars squares. Predictive Mars will square her natal Venus (not so good for marriages. Often indicates cheating) and natal Pluto (just earth shattering. Could be a death or just the death of the way you are thinking). The most important consideration here is that changes are in the air. And because these are negative aspects, it’s not good. And you can prepare for this. You can bullet proof yourself, but first you need to know it’s coming. So I hope Emmy reads this. I will put it on her Twitter account. And just sending her the best most positive energy to deal with it. It’s a bump in the road, but possibly the worst one she will ever have. We all get them. Still, not fun.

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