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Denise Richards, former wife of Charlie Sheen and mother of two of his children, is joining the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. My question is how much did she know about Charlie Sheen before marrying him? Because it has come to light that Charlie has been up to some highly questionable sexual activities. Looking for a picture of Denise – all I can find are porno quality nudes. Normally quiet, Denise escapes having to answer for her choices. She probably identifies mostly as a mom (hasn’t she taken care of Charlie’s other children?) since her career is lackluster. Are they going to eat her alive on RHOBH?

Maybe not. Denise is an Aquarius with Mercury there. But in the tradition of so many celebrities, her natal Moon is, in its fall, in Scorpio. The sexual inclinations are exaggerated here which is why she may have gravitated to Hollywood — sexy town that it is.

I’ve had a revelation about Scorpio recently. And I would like to get opinions on this. They are jealous. And not jealous in the normal sense of the word, jealous in that they want to make you jealous. And if you are not, it backfires big time on them. Negative qualities by nature should not work for the person who has them.

A recent example is Ben Affleck. Isn’t it possible all the stunts he is up to are to make Jennifer Garner jealous? I can totally see that. And the more she resists and stands strong, the further he falls. Could that be Scorpio’s real weakness? The need to punish. The obsessive need to punish.

Denise has just been through some truly horrifying aspects even though we have heard nothing. Her predictive Mars squared her predictive Sun and her natal Uranus. Scary. All while conjuncting natal Venus. But over. Now she has that same Sun sextiling Mercury and trining Mars. So she made it through it. But it will be interesting to watch and see how much of her history shows up in her new show. Actually I will be looking for any of Denise’s true personality showing up. She is very secretive. But possibly currently quite desperate. Are the effects of her negative aspects over or is she still suffering? Curious.

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