This is a good one. We’re all feeling like this great girl, Demi Lovato, is in trouble and we wish her the best. She is not in trouble. She may have overdosed, but the severity of this (who stays in the hospital for an overdose?) is highly exaggerated. Her whole identity is that she is the sober singer struggling with addiction. Nope.

I get the fact that to stay relevant in Hollywood, you have to have a hook. Well, this is hers. When I ran her chart to see what was going on, I was expecting the worst. No, not at all. I’m very surprised she would have a drug overdose in this period. And maybe she did, but the outlets that won’t leave her alone — she has publicists working overtime. If you’re using her as your inspiration to stay sober, pick someone who isn’t lying about some or all of it.

Demi is a Leo, the sign of show business. Her Mercury, same place. Her Moon is in the sign of Taurus where it is exalted. Her Venus in Mercury and Mars in Gemini. She does have a Grand Square and they are difficult with five planets there. She’s egotistical, ambitious, sensitive, verbally abusive and all about right and wrong. Verbally abusive? Does that surprise you? It does me. And Wilmer Valderrama how does he fit in?

Currently she is just recovering from a very, super positive Jupiter period and getting ready to go into another. And this overdose thing is publicity regardless of what portion of it is true. And it’s going to work. Prepare to buy her next album or song. Sober? She’s playing you.

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