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Melania Trump just had a minor kidney surgery (not that any surgery is minor) but assuming we are not being lied to, this is. And her astrology chart confirms that the surgery was not of major importance. We see it here as her predictive Moon, which can only make two month aspects, conjuncting her Uranus (a surprise). So it appears to be a short medical stay. Now does it say anything about kidneys? Recently Melania had Venus (which is kidneys ruled by Libra) square Pluto (death) — so something serious with kidneys fits. Except that is over. But this is interesting. Plastic surgery is also ruled by Libra, the 7th House of Beauty. So there’s that.

Melania who has a stellium Taurus: Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus (four planets in Taurus) is handling being First Lady as well as anyone could. And this from me who has great criticism for the Trump administration. She is laying low — advice I often give — but seldom advice that people take. She also has a Capricorn Moon, of which I’ve written tons. And Mars in the always thinking Gemini.

Louis Hay who is renown for her ability to put diseases to the mental state that causes them says that kidneys have to do with criticism, disappointment, failure, shame and acting like a child. Sounds more like Trump than her. The theory behind this is that Melania instead of verbally criticizing her husband is taking it out on herself as an illness — the mind/body connection — the body speaks for the mind. If…

In Melania’s future, we will see her predictive Mercury opposing her natal Neptune. This is her reputation squared to (negative) Neptune (lying). Now what would she be lying to us about? It might mean that we don’t believe the reason she has given us for surgery. Her reputation will be questioned. And worst of all — that her looks mean more to her than being First Lady. Well, let’s hope that isn’t the case.

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