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Normally, we do what our chart tells us to do — even without knowing it. Astrology is a force — an energy. So why would someone get married when their chart says no? Ask Gwyneth Paltrow, because she’s lost her mind. Or more likely, she has a reason that’s not about being in love. Not only is she Libra stellium, three planets are in Libra’s House, the 7th. She doesn’t like being alone.

Marriage is interesting. You simply must marry for the right reasons for it to work. And that is that you cannot imagine your life without that person. Gwyneth is Libra Sun, Mercury (Gemini), Uranus (Aquarius) and Pluto (Scorpio). This configuration is very complicated since each planet influences the other three. Also she has a Gemini Moon conjunct Saturn (same as a Capricorn Moon) made worse by the fact it squares her Libra planets by sign. I do want to mention her Jupiter in the 10th House because she hasn’t done much film work lately and yet her web site, Goop, is making her wealthy.

So without even looking at her potential husband’s chart, I can tell you she has predictive Mercury opposing her natal Moon. Coming up is predictive Venus conjunct the malefic planet, Uranus — also the divorce planet and her predictive Sun? Just about to square natal Venus. Consult Xtrology, Gwyneth. This is going to be expensive and embarrassing.

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