Gossip is flying in Hollywood that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are fighting — that those twitter jokes aren’t really kidding but a way for the two of them to snipe at each other. So couples have squabbles. That isn’t really the story. Reynolds has a reputation for being mean to his women. Do you remember that he had a very serious relationship with Alanis Morissette? And what about his short marriage to Scarlett Johansson? Does this make you curious as to what his chart looks like? Me too.

Ryan Reynolds has a Scorpio stellium — four planets in Scorpio. His Sun, Mercury, Moon, Mars and Uranus. That’s four out of five personal planets (Sun/Mercury/Moon, Venus and Mars). What makes these people complicated is the fact that a conjunct planet affects every other planet. For example the Sun conjunct Mercury gives the Scorpio Sun some Virgo (Mercury’s sign) characteristics. Now apply that to each planet and the other three planets it influences. It’s difficult, even for me, to understand the complications. But this is not thought to be good. It’s too busy. Too hard to assimilate for him — for his brain. And we aren’t overlooking the fact the sign involved is Scorpio — which is another word for anger.

Yes, all Scorpios are born with anger. It’s in their profile with revenge, control, jealousy to name a few. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio gets the majority of the negative characteristics. This sign is also incredibly passionate, dynamic and let’s not forget sexy. Scorpio can rule worlds – if they can get out of their own way. Ryan is known for his spiteful speech. Really? Mercury in Scorpio. His jealousy? Moon in its fall. His anger? Mars in Scorpio. In general, don’t mess with Scorpio. Tread carefully. By the way, these are all in the 2nd House of Money.

Blake Lively, much like her husband, has most of her planets in the same sign. This time Virgo (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus). And it’s a sign that compliments Scorpio. But again, the problem lies elsewhere. Too many planets. Very focussed. Very determined. Very Virgo. And that complex Venus/Mars conjunction — throw in a little passive/aggressive (which is anger but hidden). Do we have a mess here?

The rumors say that they will divorce. I say not now. But in the future. I give it three years. This will be when Blake’s predictive Sun squares Neptune. Normally Uranus is the divorce planet. But given what these two are dealing with, the first negative aspect will take them down.

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