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I don’t get it. Wendy Williams was saying something along the same lines today. What is the deal with Channing Tatum? Isn’t he a male stripper that has segued his charm into Hollywood. Do you find him attractive? Because I don’t on many levels. I think I’ve got excelent dickdar and, no, for me.

Channing Tatum is a Taurus. Mercury in Aries. Venus is the chilly, chilly sign of Gemini. Mars is in Leo (the entertainment sign) and one of three focal planets. How do I explain this? A calculated bulldozer on steroids (possibly literally). And you like him why? By the way, fixed Mars just sets his hard-headed determination in stone. He almost never changes his mind to suit your needs — unless it is in the pursuit of his ambition (the second focal planet, Saturn). With a single-minded pursuit of his goals, he trudges on with a strength of conviction that headaches are made of. Unless and until he gets his feelings hurt (third focal planet, the Moon). And then all hell and brimstone is unleashed on someone. Recently announced — his separation from Jenna Dewan. How did she last this long? Easy. She did what he wanted. ALL THE TIME.

Which brings me to why the public has embraced him. Jupiter. Currently predictive Venus sextile natal Jupiter. Recently ended predictive Mercury sextile predictive Jupiter. He’s on a roll. Who am I to say? We all get our day. It’s what happens after.

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