Guns are ablazing literally and figuratively after the Parkland Florida school shooting which left 17 dead. It’s the women of The View versus Meghan McCain, a card carrying member of the NRA. The question, should we abolish AR-15 style rifles that have no use in civilian life? We don’t need them for hunting. Unless you want to blow an animal to bits? That’s sport? Whoopie was left today with smoke coming out of her ears when Meghan wouldn’t shut up and let her make her point before having to go to commercial. Joy stomped off and told one of the producers, “If she brings up her father (John McCain) again, I’m going to puke.” Will they fire her? Because they want to. The answer may surprise you.

Meghan is a Scorpio. Her birthday is right on the cusp, and I don’t have her time. But with her personality, she’s no Libra. A Scorpio Sun would give her 4 planets in Scorpio — a stellium (Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and the Sun). And Pluto conjunct the Sun, she takes no prisoners which is obvious in the way she talks. Keep in mind when planets conjunct, they all influence each other and you end up with a very complicated and difficult personality. Strangely her Moon is in Libra — the only reason she is civil at all. Mars is in Capricorn where it is exalted and creates an extremely ambitious person. And with Capricorn also rising, we know her childhood was no fairy tale. Meghan McCain is a force. And she isn’t backing down.

And she doesn’t have to. They’re not going to fire her no matter who she pisses off because she is currently just going out of a Jupiter period with Venus. And having also gotten married four months ago on this same aspect with the added fortune of her predictive Sun sitting right on her natal Venus, Meghan is golden for now — astrology says so. I would advise her to continue to drive the ladies nuts. It keeps the conversation going even if you think she’s a crazy bitch. And this is a conversation that needs to continue until our kids are safe.

So for the ones of us that want these ridiculous guns off the street, don’t look to Meghan to be your spokesperson. This is the aggravation of life. She and Trump have have the podium — astrology says so. There will always be people on the other side of the argument.

Two big events coming up: The students of Parkland are organizing “March for our Lives” on March 24th. Celebrities like George and Amal Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, and Steven Spielberg are donating money. We can donate our support.

Also Anna Deavere Smith has a special on HBO this Saturday called “Notes from the Field” an exploration of the school-to-prison pipeline in marginalized and underrepresented communities. The Parkland shooter would be one of these vulnerable (and mentally ill) kids that we kicked to the corner by throwing him out of school.

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