Amy Schumer got married this Tuesday, the day before Valentine’s Day. She’s only known the guy a few months. Why do people get married so quickly? Yes, you guessed it. It’s in their astrology chart. I had this happen to me with just a three month cycle, and I meant it. I would have done it. Luckily the person I wanted to marry thought I was crazy. Certain aspects can make you romantically impulsive. The urge overtakes you. Astrology is energy. And you just want to do it. You understand the chance you are taking perfectly and want to do it anyway. You are willing to deal with the consequences. Many times it will be the best choice you’ve ever made, because there is some science behind it. And, of course, there are the times, even science can’t save you.

Amy is a Gemini Sun with Venus there. Geminis are very gregarious people with a gift for talking and taking advantage of their ability to amuse. As a fun-loving person, it’s easy to see why someone would be attracted to her. She lives in the moment and she doesn’t suffer fools lightly. Can she reach a spontaneous conclusion? Yes, and without a lot of weighing herself down with the negativity. She can add up the good and the bad and make a decision. And that’s what we do anyway. Maybe with a lot more to go on. But sometimes you just know. And sometimes you’re right.

Her Moon is exalted in Taurus which gives her an easy-going personality. With Mars conjunct, she no doubt has a grasp on the fiscal reality of such an impulsive thought. Taurus rules the 2nd House of Money. So likely she’ll make sure her money is secure. Mercury is in Cancer so she talks differently than she thinks — she has a instinctive ability to “know” her audience. Cancer feels everything. There are lots of trines between her Gemini Sun/Venus and her Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto remembering that Jupiter is the relating planet. And because her Mercury is in Cancer which squares those Libra planets, you can add a bit of a bite — which might be the thing that translates into comedy.

But what do her predictive planets say? Love is in the air. Her predictive Venus is sextile her Sun. And there we have it. A positive aspect between her Venus and really any other planet, and the Venus wants to play house. It won’t translate into marriage every time but if other things in the life do, and your partner is willing, it can. Also transiting Venus, the love planet, just crossed into her 7th House of Relationships. This is the perfectly romantic chart. And, of course, her hormones are flowing. Astrology is the energy that surrounds you. And it has everything to say about how you feel at any given time.

Will this last? Yes, it might and here’s the reason why. When you have that kind of an aspect, it draws to you people who fit — a person who you could love forever. It won’t always happen. It might be a person who is good enough. But it could. Why not? Something has to bring us together. I’m wishing them the best. Congratulations.

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