So we have a little cat fight between our “Sex and the City” girls, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall with Kim pretty much saying “Don’t call back — ever” and Sarah pouting like she couldn’t have done anything wrong.

Sarah Jessica Parker is an Aries with Venus and Mercury there. Aries are known for behaving like children and being a tad selfish while remaining amazingly likeable. But she also has a Capricorn Moon which, besides being in its detriment, squares the three planets previously mentioned. I’m so happy we have a woman with this characteristic, because all we seem to get are men — George, Johnny, Brad. It’s a very negative placement. And while I can never catch the men showing any signs of it although Brad does look a little beaten up. Sarah hasn’t looked happy in some time. She’s fully annoyed. And they are. Those Cap Moons. The qualities that make up a fully functioning person don’t exist in their world. So for all of you, like me, that have been fans of Sarah’s, take another look, because Kim is not entirely wrong. Sarah is currently in her new series on HBO, “Divorce.” Okay, I watch it just to see if all that goodie goodie Sex and the City still exists. What do you think? For a male Cap Moon, it means the women in their life take them down, but what is the corollary in women? I do predict success in her new series since, currently Sarah is in positive Jupiter.

Kim, on the other hand, is a show-off Leo. We’ve seen plenty of her. Next to her Sun is Pluto making control an important element of her personality and particularly when she perceives someone else as having more it of — a bit cranky. Ambition is the result of a focal planet so she put up with a lot to get what she wants. And that is as much of the reason she is quitting as anything — just over it. For some reason, I was never a big fan of Kim, but I do understand what she is talking about. It’s just so easy to be the victim of the mean girls if you don’t comply with their demands. And later they will be all whatever are you talking about? Now they want to be friends. Sorry, but this time I’m on Kim’s side, and it has changed my opinion of SJP.

So it looks like for now, the SATC party’s over. For us, too!

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