Does she have the chart?

Oprah Winfrey is an Aquarius, my favorite sign — the most objective and humanitarian sign of all. In last night’s powerful Golden Globe speech, she called out the new catch phrase “Time’s Up” to all sexual predators. But it doesn’t stop there. The buzz today is that Oprah is considering a run for president. And we already know that a popular billionaire can be elected. But can this one?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Oprah has the astrology chart in 2020. She’s an Aquarius Sun/Mercury/Venus. Her focal planets are Mars (iron determination) and Saturn (ambition). With Aquarius in Venus, you will find strong interest in things other than relationships and family. I’ve dated a bunch and I will tell you they are a mountain you have to climb. But in the area of career, you can’t beat them. Her Moon is in the forthright sign of Sagittarius. Remember, “Think it. Say it.” And her Mars is in Scorpio — they take no prisoners.

In 2020, Oprah will have her predictive Sun sextiling Jupiter — the Jupiter chart where miracles happen. So seriously, if she wants it, she most likely can have it — depending who she runs against. But really? She’ll win. Right?

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