Oh my! Carrie Underwood fell down and let us know she had broken her wrist, but now, apparently, she has 50 stitches in her face. That’s no fun. And she’s such a pretty girl.

Carrie is a Pisces with her Mercury there. Venus and Mars are in Aries (can have complicated feelings about love) and her Moon is in Aquarius. Leo is her rising sign — the show business sign.

What really bothers me is that she currently has predictive Mars squaring her Moon. The good news is that is it more about feelings than anything else. And hopefully, this is just a scare. But it’s also your feelings if your face is ruined forever. At least she’s in that hallowed area where she’ll get the best surgeons. But as I said, she’s terrified. This is really hard to call. Let’s just send her the biggest prayers we have. I think at the very least it will be a time before this is resolved. But there is no reason, she can’t have a good result. The most important thing right now is for her to calm down (very difficult to do) and make some really good decisions.

And for the rest of us, you must understand what these aspects are capable of. It won’t happen every time, but it can happen that a scary event comes to pass. Not that Carrie could have done anything differently, but that when you get these nasty aspects, you must be on guard. I recently had predictive Mars opposition Saturn (with the addition of transiting Pluto on my natal Mars) and I was in a car accident where we were spun around and turned over two and a half times. I had been being so very careful with my car and got into someone else’s. The driver had Jupiter and was not hurt at all, and I had a lacerated liver, 8 broken bones and my lungs filled up with blood. However, I’ve completely recovered. So don’t be concerned about me. Carrie can do the same thing. But she also has to do what I did. Stay calm and look for the way out. Read the book, “When the Body Says No.” It was my inspiration — that those things are very much about how you think.

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