Harvey Weinstein of the mega-powerful The Weinstein Company has been accused by several (and many more to come) women of sexual harassment. And while this behavior has been going on as long as sexual harassment itself, it’s rare for these men to get caught. But are we finally living in the time that this shit is getting shut down? Ayles? O’Reilly? Cosby? It’s a little early New Year present. It’s a little vindication for those of us that kept going — that had enough confidence to power through. And for those of you that couldn’t? Maybe now you can.

Harvey Weinstein is Pisces Sun. Most important of all is his six focal planets. (Two planets opposing with one in between squaring — at 90 degrees– both) and when they’re all square, that little holocaust happens — the cardinal one. And it’s a bitch. Is it Harvey’s fault? No. He was born with this, but it’s how he handles it that matters. It’s a challenge. Huge. But capable men get through it. Are you at the mercy of astrology? No, you’re not. You can rise above it. It’s difficult, but don’t act like you have no power.

So he didn’t even try. Weakling material. He didn’t apologize. He did seek help. He’s done. We’re not sorry. #Metoo.

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