On December 21st, an important event happened for all women. Jane Fonda turned 80. Why? Because she is showing us all how to do it. I have a boyfriend who finds me intimidating at my undisclosed age. And all I can think is that he thinks I’m as together as Jane Fonda — which I am not. She sets the standard for what we all can achieve — wearing high heels? I’ve begun to think that’s over for me. Or is it?

Jane is a Sagittarius with Venus conjunct (beautiful people). Her Moon is in Leo (show business) and her rising sign is ooops Capricorn. You may remember this with Prince Harry. Jane, herself, talks about her insecurities which go along with this rising sign. As Cap rising, you are always looking for someone to see past the barriers you erect. And you live your whole life with a feeling of not being wanted. So Jane is a survivor. We can learn a lot from her. “I assumed I wouldn’t live very long and that I would die lonely and an addict of some sort” People Magazine.

The Woman’s Movement is bringing so much of this to the forefront. You’re going to see many more women elected to government positions in 2018. It’s time that we stop playing second fiddle and voice our opinions. There are some who say, we might see a lot less war with women in high positions. We can only hope. You may remember that Jane never stops getting criticized for sitting on a missile in the Vietnam War. This mis-characterization has gone on long enough. She was critical, and she had every right to voice her opinion. Maybe the picture was too much, but was the backlash to shut her and many other women up? Well, boys, we’re speaking out now. And it will be harder and harder to shut us up. Because we are doing the thing it took too long to do. We’re organizing.

Sagittarian women, of which I am one, are the mouths of the zodiac. We will say just about anything that crosses our minds. And we’re not petty or afraid. We think it. We say it. Her Mars in Aquarius and her Sun in the 11th House are the reason we’ve seen so much activism from her. Aquarius looks to helping humanity as opposed to a single person. It is the sign of the future. For many years she was the money behind her husband, Tom Hayden’s, political ambitions. Jane is not just any woman. She has stood up for herself against many odds. She’s an inspiration.

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