It is interesting that the people Trump is picking to hang out with are generally bad chart people. Here’s another one: Mike Pence. We could get into the whole narcissism thing and surmise that he doesn’t want anyone in a better position than himself. He has a nose for losers (or just people who are currently in a down cycle).

Pence is a Gemini with Mercury and Moon there. Now, you’ve just got to know that he lies. Okay, not all Gemini’s lie, but all have a relationship with the truth that is different than the rest of us. And most lie. Sorry, but they do. Even if it’s harmless, they play with the truth. He doesn’t have any focal planets which usually will mean there are a ton of squares. But not so much. Venus and Mars are in the same sign which makes Mars also in Libra (since it is conjunct Venus ruled by Libra) so he is passive/aggressive. For me that combination would be enough. He says he won’t go anywhere without taking his wife. I’m curious as to how much reality lives in that concept.

Coming up for Mike Pence? He has predictive just Sun (don’t have his time) conjuncting his Uranus (a malefic planet). So can we expect to get surprised in the future? What will that combination bring? Also his predictive Venus is square his natal Sun. That usually precedes a marriage problem or in particular — cheating — at the very least unhappiness in his relationship. So this is not a particularly happy guy. How this plays out? He may turn against Trump. If I were Trump, I would definitely be on the lookout — another defector? Instead of infidelity against his wife, it could be his boss. That’s a stretch, but with astrology, you have to think out-of-the-box. There are only so many planets. They are trying to tell a story. You have to be open to the possibilities.

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Just a note about Go Daddy. Don’t. They do not look after your interests. This has happened to me too many times. I’m going to try Network Solutions. If you have a better thought, please share.

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