Well, it’s been a long year for #Brad Pitt. His wife, Angelina Jolie went ballistic and threw their marriage in the toilet. And you have to assume, she put up with more than she had the tolerance for and snapped. Or she’s just evil. Because when your spouse is a public person, you have to know you’re hurting his career. But Brad, being Brad, pulled it together and did an amazing job of surviving the worst. That’s why we like him. He has man poise.

He confessed to GQ Style that he had been a raging drunk for years. There have always been rumors about Brad and his pot smoking. And again, Brad being Brad, he just charms his way out of the trouble surrounding it. But, Girls, aren’t these the guys we need to watch — the charmers — the bad boys.

So everyone wants to know if Brad will be dating — what’s the next step? I can tell you this. Brad’s mad. His predictive Mars has moved to conjunct his predictive Sun. He’s in no mood to find another woman who could betray him. His predictive Venus is currently square to his nodes — which are always karmic. So this little spat with Angie is from another life. They’ve done this dance before. And with predictive Mercury (your reputation) inconjunct Pluto, he’s getting off pretty easy. Yes, it’s hurt him, but he isn’t going down over it. Currently he has a predictive Moon return (Moon on Moon) so he’s reflective. And in no hurry. His kids are his priority.

Bottom line: Brad’s got a lot of growing up to do. He has to decide if this drug-induced lifestyle is what he really wants, because it will always threaten his relationship with his kids. But can he put them first? It isn’t all astrology. You have free will. Astrology only tells you what you will be inclined to do. You have the final say.

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