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The girls on THE TALK were dissecting Matt Lauer’s firing today for inappropriate conduct, etc. Many said how good a friend he had been. I’ve been around these guys and let me say this is fake news. Yes, he may seem nice, but the real person isn’t nice at all. When you get to know one of these guys personally, it’s another thing altogether. So I say bah humbug. He’s an asshole all the way with the ability to snow you and anyone else he choses. He cannot keep it together in close interpersonal relationships. All people with personality disorders have two qualities: They are inconsistent and self destructive. A magnificent career in shatters.

Matt is a Capricorn. It starts there. Capricorn is a difficult sign in so many ways. They aren’t born nice especially the men. They are ambitious to a fault. In so many ways, they aren’t civilized. Yes, of course, they can act that way, but inside not so much. There are always the exceptions. But they are exceptions. His Sun as a focal planet lends the element of narcissism and his Neptune gives him a delicate inner ego structure. So to cope he needs outside assurance that he is all that. Truly by himself, without all the fanfare, he doesn’t know who he is and he handles it with no grace. This is not a nice person.

I don’t know what Ann Curry did to him, but I can surmise she was not sufficiently differential. He currently has predictive Mercury (his reputation) square his natal Mars (rough ride). Payback is a bitch.

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