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I’m hearing rumours that the Trump Administration is considering “firing” Robert Mueller the special counsel looking into the Trump Administration. And I’m wondering what is going on in Mueller’s chart. Can he survive the fortunate Jupiter aspect that Donald Trump is enjoying? Or is his chart too weak to overcome it?

I still give in to the temptation to think in terms of right and wrong. But if you want to know how so much wrong happens, it’s astrology. If the timing is wrong, it doesn’t matter if you’re right. But is there a level of wrong that nothing can prevail against? Normally, a person in positive Jupiter doesn’t do wrong because things are going their way. But the Universe lately is upside down. As a society we’re allowing many wrong things to take place without any check. We’re letting go of our values in favor of hatred and revenge. Understandable? Yes. But will nothing stop it?

Robert Mueller is a Leo with Pluto and Venus there. Pluto next to your Sun adds the element of Scorpio and a need for power and control. We don’t have his time so we don’t know his houses. His Moon is in the kind and compassionate sign of Pisces. And he doesn’t have any focal planets. But remember that Leo likes to win. They have a massive ego to feed. This man is not planning on losing. And let’s face it, Trump is a real estate thug from Queens. There is virtually no chance he hasn’t done something wrong.

So let’s look at what is going on in Mueller’s chart. He had the same Jupiter Trump has not that long ago. Currently he has predictive Sun/Mercury sextile natal Venus. Very positive. And he would still be in Jupiter if a bad aspect had not replaced it as predictive Venus did by squaring natal Venus. So he doesn’t have that protection any longer.

In theory, Trump should win against anyone (except someone else that has his aspect), but here’s my question. Does it matter that he is clearly wrong? Are there any limits as to how Jupiter will protect? My experience has been no — as much as I would like to report that there are methods for dealing with this. So I guess I’m saying if Trump decides to go against Mueller, Trump will win.

We have a lot more Trump in our future. And if that doesn’t suit you, vote!!!

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