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You’re at the height of your career and you decide to stop touring. What must be happening to make that happen?

Adele is a Taurus Jupiter conjunct. So she’s luckier than most of us all the time. She’s not worried that when she returns that she’ll be forgotten. She’s confident. Her Moon is in Sagittarius where you can see that see doesn’t suffer fools lightly. She tells it how it is. Mars is in Aquarius. Her weakest personal planet is her Venus in Gemini where it leaves the native worried that love won’t stick around.

And then her predictive Mercury is conjunct her predictive Venus and her natal Venus. So is it more fame she wants? No. She wants to make sure her family is tight. Many of us would go for the career, but we don’t have Sun conjunct Jupiter and the confidence that goes along with that. So she’s secure in her career and not at all at home. So she does what she sees as the smart thing — she cancels the tour and stays home — because she can. She has her priorities straight.

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