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A suicide bomber killed 22 people and hurt countless others at Manchester Arena in England Monday night just as Ariande Grande’s was finished performing. I was curious. Does this show up in Ariana’s astrology chart? The only connection to her was the venue.

Ariana has a Sun/Mercury in Cancer so she’s a sensitive water girl. Her Moon is in the sign of charming Libra along with Jupiter which gives her an over-the-top personality. Venus in Taurus, it’s ruler. And Mars in Virgo. Two focal planets: Her Moon, she’s sensitive. And her Jupiter, she’s part of a cult or culture. Nothing sensational here.

However, her predictive chart tells an entirely different story. Her predictive Mars is squaring Jupiter. Again in a negative aspect Jupiter takes things too far. But who would have thought that Mars in the 8th would have produced such a dramatic and tragic event? The thing we have to remember is that while it usually won’t, it can. The other two aspects are predictive Neptune/Uranus are opposition Venus (people you love or in this case her fans).

So no doubt about it, Ariana is devastated. It does affect her, much like it happened to her. This is a very negative chart with an unusual result. She will find it difficult to be back on stage. She won’t forget what happened to her fans. It happened to her, too.

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