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John Ossoff, who is he? He’s running for the House of Representatives on June 20th in Georgia as a Democrat. I like him. He’s an Aquarius with Mercury in Pisces (he’ll hear you). His Moon is in Libra so he is charming enough, even while denouncing Trump, for people to listen, and his Mars is in its own sign of Aries which makes his energy effective. He has two focal planets: Venus which means he isn’t as secure as he pretends to be and Neptune so he can sometimes want things that really aren’t possible — he’s a dreamer.

But better than all that he has his predictive Sun sitting on Jupiter so he can win. And in another 5 years, he gets Jupiter again. When people are in these good cycles, they can get things in the government done. Trump is in a bad cycle and as you can see nothing is happening. It’s going to be young people like John who get the swamp drained — that is if he can keep up with the alligators Trump is adding day-by-day. This guy is smoking. Watch for him to do something important.

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