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Astrologically, of course. He’s a Capricorn Sun/Mercury/Venus. Capricorn has as difficult a temperament as any sign. They’re quirky. They are stubborn despite being a cardinal sign. Saturn is their ruler. Could it be that? Historically Saturn was referred to as the evil taskmaster. Can you enslave your life to success in a way that you become too rigid? In “Astrological Games People Play” it says, “Perhaps the rings of Saturn symbolize the parasitic illusions which can develop in our consciousness over the years, and feed off our irrational fears and insecurities, keeping us separate from our true selves.” In other words, they’re jerks. Especially the ones that are failures, but Kushner is not in that category. He currently has more titles possibly than anyone ever has had in the White House. He’s taking on an unreasonable role. Who but Cap is up to that?

Currently Jared has predictive Sun (himself) square (the worst) Uranus (people in high places). Again, I don’t have his time so it’s now or a little in the future. But it is very negative. Not the perfect aspect for a job start. Chances are people don’t like him that much — are jealous of his influence. I have to tell you a narcissist (Donald) and a Capricorn. Now that’s funny. Where do I begin? Neither likes to be told what to do. Neither likes to ask permission. Both want what they say to happen with no backlash. Neither are collaborative. Oh, especially that. Neither are team players. Both underneath it all are dictators. Jared will obviously have to play the game, but it’s not his nature to like it.

This is why it all seemed so amusing to elect Donald Trump for the White House — someone clearly angry, vindictive, rebellious, unsympathetic. And why it was crazy. It’s because it doesn’t work. It’s a big fuck you, but what happens when nothing gets done because the energy is so bad? The Republicans have the House, the Senate and the president. And still all they are doing is getting rid of Obama accomplishments (except the one they have waited seven years for, Obamacare) — which, of course, appeals to these kinds of people. But is it good for America?

I don’t get that Kushner is a terrible person. As the head of something where he has control (something real estate and not the government which he knows nothing about), he can be quite effective. But clearly this is a risky proposition since all the government rules he’s running over apply to him. He doesn’t have executive privilege. He goes to jail.

I would counsel him to stay as far away from Donald Trump as possible in general and definitely with this chart. I don’t have his houses. Are any of them legal, the 9th? Prison, the 12th? Risky business if you ask me.

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