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Another story of a woman being abused. This time someone famous and well-known to all, Mel Brown, formerly of the Spice Girls, recently on America’s Got Talent. She’s got it all: Beauty, talent, money and a great family. But… Apparently the family part is a bit of PR, because her husband (I’m not mentioning his name or doing his chart) has been physically hurting her — for years — in all the ways that domestic abusers do. But she’s going public, and we want to know, why now?

Mel is a Gemini Sun/Mercury. Her moon is in Aquarius. Her Venus is in the family-loving sign of Cancer. Most notable is her rising sign of Scorpio which is capable of dealing with severe hardship. I know I say a lot of negative things about this rising sign, because it is so beyond stubborn. And being around someone with this ascendant can be maddening. But they are troopers. Mel’s story of physical and psychological hardship, well, I believe every word of it. And her ability to continue and prosper in her career is a testament to how much she can endure. But also let’s look at her two focal planets. The first is Venus. This may be the hardest one of all, because it makes you believe you are unlovable and unloved — completely a decision your psyche has made all on its own — nothing to do with the actual facts. But it is real to the person who owns it. And it is tough to navigate. Most people over-indulge to make up for the things they believe they lack. But it’s a constant insecurity, and nothing really fixes it. Her other focal planet is Saturn which makes one extremely ambitious. So while Mel B. is experiencing abuse at home and doubts in her head, she trudges on, because being successful gives her some satisfaction. Overall, though, it’s a mess in there.

It makes sense that a woman who doesn’t believe in her worth is the woman that is taken advantage of. But more important, what gives her the courage to finally make it stop? Today Mel B. has her predictive Venus as the focal planet of her natal nodes which are always karmic. And let’s not forget that relationships like this very often come in ‘another lifetime’ package. They are business that is left over from the past. And the fact that Mel B. told her friends that her husband might kill her, hey, he may have killed her in the past. She may have a distant memory of being killed, and in this lifetime, it could be very real to her.

She has chosen to out her aggressor on predictive Mercury trine natal Uranus. If she were my client, this is exactly the time I would recommend. And it is just starting. Perhaps she has incredible intuition. Because this will work. She will get the support she needs to keep from turning back. Mercury is your reputation and she will be believed, because, unfortunately, there are times that women aren’t. Trines are the most positive energy and to Uranus — that’s her friends and people in high places. To the 12th House, again, another indication this is karmic.

She’s going to wish she’d done it sooner. That’s another downfall of Scorpio rising. They are not quick to act. But once they’re through. They’re through.

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