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Apparently $13 million has been paid out to quiet women claiming sexual harassment by Bill O’Reilly. His picture and the article was front page New York Times. So that along with the Roger Ailes fiasco, and Fox has a little problem with their policy on women. Will Bill O’Reilly stay employed?

O’Reilly is a Virgo Sun/Saturn. His Mercury is in Libra so he talks smoother than he is. And Saturn next to his Sun lends a Capricorn sensibility. (And please look into Capricorn because I have a whole new respect for what they are capable of). He has only one focal planet, Uranus, but a lot of other planets (Neptune, Mercury, Venus and the Moon) are involved in creating it. Uranus can be kind of kinky.

His last predictive aspect was predictive Mars conjunct Saturn (work). And Mars is the troublemaker. I don’t have his time, and without the time it could be six months before or six months after. But it does seem to be now, doesn’t it? With this aspect present, it would appear that if one more advertiser, Mercedes Benz — gone, leaves, O’Reilly could get fired. And Ladies, this behavior needs to stop. It’s 2017. I’m wearing my pussy hat as I type this. Makes me feel more connected to the other women who have been assaulted. And we all have at one time or another. Haven’t we?

Didn’t Bill O’Reilly say something about Maxine Waters’ hair? She’s a congresswoman, a woman of a certain age and A WOMAN!!! Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!

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UPDATE: Bill O’Reilly announced his vacation until April 24th. Totally planned. But he may not be back. Ever.

UPDATE2: It’s April 19th and Bill O’Reilly is gone, gone, gone from Fox News. Karma is a bitch.

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