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We’re experiencing the worst. Right? He’s lying on a daily basis. Doesn’t he respect the American public? He’s treating the press (especially the minority press) like they are gum under his shoe. So what does his astrology chart say about him?

He’s a Virgo Sun/Pluto/Mercury. With Pluto, he likes control — probably thinks he should be president. All those planets are focal planets (two opposing planets with the focal planets squaring both). So the Sun, a little of his own narcissism, Mercury, verbally abusive, and Pluto, a strong sense of right and wrong according to his own definition. Explains a lot. His Moon is in its fall in Scorpio. This is a wicked Moon. In itself — doesn’t make you a terrible person, but there’s a terrible person inside you if it wants to come out. This placement can make you meaner than a rattlesnake. And cranky, because the Moon doesn’t like being in this sign.

Sean has an interesting thing happening in his chart. He was in a positive Jupiter period when he was hired for his job as White House press secretary and Communications Director. But (I don’t have his time so it’s not exact) immediately after he hit a wall in the form of predictive Mars squaring his Neptune. Neptune being lying. Squares are bad. Mars being the Cuisinart that crushes your life into little crispy bits. So let’s see where this goes. His dream job, and the one he is obviously trying to hold on to against all odds, is in serious jeopardy — along with what is left of his reputation.

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UPDATE: 7/21/17 Sean Spicer resigns his job at the White House.

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