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This is a reblog from 7/14/2016 with an update. “She’s a Sagittarius. I forget that with her. Maybe because she has four planets in Capricorn and Capricorn rising. So she does come off as that ambitious sign for me. Her Jupiter, the planet of relating, is opposition her Capricorn planets. That too. She seems to create a lot of controversy. And while it is also for publicity, I think it’s her normal head space. She’s sort of the behind-the-scenes mean girl. Oppositions oppose. They antagonize. Look to see how many of those you have in your chart. Most people won’t have that many. But if you do, you’re contrary, Mary.

I find her relationships with men curious. They never seem to have much passion. And the reason for that is she has no planets in the relationship houses, the 5th, the 7th and the 8th. It’s not of primary importance to her. The houses where we have planets is where we concentrate our attention. Her focal house? The first is where we find the majority of her planets. The first house of HERSELF. And then there’s her Venus in the chilly sign of Aquarius.

This isn’t a really bad natal chart. Taylor’s not a bad person, but she has trouble connecting. It doesn’t seem to be bothering her at all now, but as she gets older or if she gets out of favor with the public, she will have to deal with emptiness. Today she just gets in another battle or buys another house or throws a party. Those things aren’t real. It’s your relationship to other people that makes your life real. She doesn’t have that. Superficial is the word that comes to mind.

Taylor didn’t get her success from lucky Jupiter like so many stars. And because all of her planets are on the left side of her chart — only Jupiter (which moves extremely slow) and the Moon (which moves extremely fast) are on the right. Nothing’s been handed to her. She’s worked for it. But she also hasn’t had to deal with many negative predictive aspects. The true test of her character hasn’t happened yet. Bunched up planets take time to move.

This new romance with Tom Hiddleston? She can take it or leave it. She loves the attention, because it’s good for business. But real? I think she’s still searching. Her natal Venus and Mars are square to each other. She falls in love quickly and easily, but is uncomfortable in long term relationships. She will have the need to fabricate a reason to get out (but keep in mind, she was never in). And it can hurt. Right, Calvin Harris?

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UPDATE: “#1 Most Hated Celebrity: Taylor Swift. Who would have thought that America’s sweetheart would turn out to be Hollywood’s secret snake in the grass? Answer: Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Calvin Harris – and pretty much every man she’s ever dated! Taylor’s growing crowd of detractors are clamoring that her good girl image is just that… a carefully crafted fantasy, and that she’s actually a conniving mean girl who, most annoyingly of all, relentlessly plays the victim, ” from THE NATIONAL INQUIRER.

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