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You know that thing where you can’t unsee something. Well, I can’t get this off my mind so I’m just going to blog it. Kendra Wilkinson made this statement about Holly Madison, “She wasn’t in fear with that dick in her ass for a paycheck. That bitch is in fear now knowing so many of us saw her doing some nasty shit. She’s embarrassed and in shame. She was the clean up girl. Holly’s job was to get Hef hard again and clean him up with her mouth.”

So if you ever thought about being on the cover of Playboy or one of the Playmates, stop thinking that. I was here in my youth and no one approached me. Just as well as my time was limited. I got kicked to the corner for not participating in the grotto. It was the same then as it is now. Horrifying that these beautiful girls don’t realize what a privilege beauty is. You’re beautiful, the world is at your feet. Unless you’re also trashy. Back in the day, these women didn’t last long in Hollywood, but now that there are reality shows, things have changed. They have a longer shelf life. The lines are getting much more blurred. Except they’re not. Once a slut always a slut. Kendra is saying that was who she was then, well, no. You will always be that girl in this town. Hollywood has a long memory.

Holly is a bad girl. She has a difficult astrology chart. So I get the temptation. She’s also a Capricorn and when they get off course about career, they can get very off course. Her Mercury is conjunct Neptune so lying comes naturally. Her Venus is conjunct Uranus and that’s where kinky can show up. With her Moon conjunct Pluto and square her Sun/Mercury, she’s also into control and not even that nice. She may have some very fuzzy standards. All of this goes back to her childhood, no doubt. So instead of a life of debauchery, she needed a ton of therapy.

Kendra is a Gemini so is this the pot calling the kettle black? Gemini’s can be very loose with the truth. Additionally, her Moon is in Aries square Neptune. She can tell a lie as well as anyone. She is right about one thing, her Venus is in its rulership in Taurus. I think she has a healthier attitude about what her relationship with Hugh Hefner was. She can walk away easier. And hold her head up higher or at least lie to herself and believe that she can — for now.

Kendra’s aspects are her predictive Sun is going to conjunct her predictive Mars. That will happen in a year and it will challenge her identity on every level, but especially if she is lying to herself that her past is behind her. Even now she has Mercury (your reputation) square her Nodes which are always karmic, so she’s outing herself as well as Holly.

Ironically Holly just survived her predictive Sun crossing her predictive Mars. It is interesting that Kendra’s up in arms about Holly saying she was scared at the Playboy Mansion. Because Holly has just traversed this aspect, she may have come to terms with how she really felt during that time — not how she was acting. I would be inclined to believe her based on her astrology chart. You don’t go through these horrific aspects without being changed in some way. And especially this one. It will make you take a hard look at yourself.

So Kendra get ready. Let’s see how you do when your aspect is over. Reading about Holly, I think she is on the road to recovery. Kendra is still in denial.

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