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We’re all holding our breath waiting for the marriage between super- movie star George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, lawyer, human rights activist. That would The George Clooney who has said marriage is just not for him. Is there a special time when these die hard bachelors are vulnerable? Why, yes there is. Read on.

George is Taurus, so stubborn we, in astrology, call it fixed. Mercury conjunct. His Mars is in the entertainment sign, Leo. Venus is in adventurous Aries. His Moon is in the difficult sign of Capricorn where, in its detriment, it operates badly. These men tend to marry up as women are their downfall. (Another example is Brad Pitt leaving Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Joile.) They’re looking for the woman who can eat them alive. Add to that five focal planets (one or more planet squared by two or more opposing planets) and he is trouble — seems nice — trouble behind the scenes.

Amul is Aquarius. She is one of the two signs square to him. Never, and I do mean never, are these marriages entered into for the right reasons — that being you can’t imagine your life without this person. Square (90 degree) energy is like fingernails on a chalkboard, literally. It’s not the big things. ┬áThe little things will get on your one last nerve always, eventually.

She also has her Venus in the sign of Aquarius. I know this combo well. I adore Aquarius. But when Venus is also in that sign you run into really chilly people. They can freeze you out like a Sub Zero. Her Moon is in Sagittarius so she can also speak her mind, do the dirty deed and walk away. Her one focal planet is Uranus — which is more Aquarius and more ability to shut down her feelings. Well done, George.

George currently has predictive Venus conjunct Mercury so he hit one of the few times in his life he is vulnerable to love thoughts. Amal has predictive Venus conjunct predictive Mercury. How cute! They both believe they’ve found the one who fulfills the reason they want to get married — however incompatible they really are.

An interesting predictive aspect for George is a Yod, often called the Finger of Fate (one or more planet inconjuncted by two or more sextiling planets). In George’s case, it is Jupiter. I’m not incredibly familiar with this aspect, but here is what Bil Tierney says about it, “His expectations almost always fall short of their promised potential and usually because he tends to…over reach… a period in his life where he is ready to drop a former belief or long-held ideology. Tolerance will be required…(a pilgrimage of sorts)…with fateful consequences brought upon by… own self-aggrandizement.” Aren’t we surprised by how public George has allowed this to be — with a VOGUE cover on its way?

I also predict this union will produce a child since both of them have a positive Venus aspect. This child will be loved. And it could be the ulterior motive behind George’s change of mind.

So, yes, this should go forward and look like a spectacular match. But, no, it will not last.

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