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Charlize Theron, (“A Million Ways to Die in the West”) the beautiful Amazonian actress, is living with Sean Penn, Madonna’s and Robin Wright’s (“House of Cards”) ex. Her friends are telling her to bail out fast. But what does Xtrology think?

Charlize is a Leo Sun/Moon. Loves being in the limelight. Loves Hollywood. She has one focal planet, Saturn, so she’s highly ambitious. Her Venus is in Virgo as is her Mercury.

Sean Penn is a Leo Sun/Mercury. His focal planets are Venus (nobody loves me) and Pluto (all about the right and wrong). The first one is the most tricky and why he can be a pill. His Venus is in Virgo, like hers, conjunct Pluto. Love is heavy.

Nothing really so bad about this. They’re a lot alike. Possibly too much. But for now they’re mirror images of each other.

She is in the fortunate predictive Venus trine Jupiter so marriage is on the menu no doubt. He has predictive Mars sextile Venus. Ditto. However, a little Sean bashing will happen with his predictive Mercury squaring his natal Mercury. He’s got enough Leo ego to deal with that.

Yes, they will marry. And it will be a very happy union until it isn’t (because the planets moved).

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UPDATE: Sean Penn is currently adopting Charlize’ child, and they are engaged.

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